Digital Vinyl

A DJing joystick with customised software to mix and scratch MP3s, built for my Degree Dissertation

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This was my Final Project for my BSc Hons in Software Systems For The Arts and Media
The brief for this project was simple. It had to be validly located inside the scope of the course. Which covers hardware/software/interfacing/human computer interaction/graphic design/animation………limited only by the course title.

I chose to emulate a pair of turntables as realistically as possible. Although this has been done before nobody has done it quite like this – especially back in 2001 – and I also had the benefit of being a geek with a number of years of coding, and an HND in software engineering under my belt.

The project workload was huge, well, far bigger than expected. I can't tell you all the things I had in mind for it because I'd have to kill you. Needless to say, to my bitter regret, sacrifices and adaptations had to be employed.

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