JASPERadio, The Radio to rule them all

Precision double tuner + car radio source selecting circuit + overkill speaker driver + RPi with JASPER voice stuff = ?

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This will be The Radio. The One.
Badass voice control? Check. Batshit OP stereo speaker drivers? Eyup. TuneIn? FM? SoundCloud? Spotify? Ya bet. Everybody's favourite irrational number and fruit combination? Hell yeah. Alarm function with slowly increasing volume, custom morning greetings and weather forecast? Uh huh. Arduino-free? I'll try!
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Once upon a time, it was now, and I attended a cool PIC class, taught by a dude who started and owns an automation company and decided to pass his programming and design knowledge on. When we got a bit bored with messing with our testing boards with buttons and a temperature probe and 7-segment displays, the idea of building a radio from the ground up sort of happened. The plan now is that we'll design the important stuff and then each of us will get on coding, enclosure building and stuff like that. I decided that this would be an awesome opportunity to opensource semicollective effort and to learn to use GitHub and to actually finish something.
BTW the teacher dude (from now on called the Overlord, for anonymity reasons) said that these tuners and drivers cost over a hundred dollars each but he got them with a warehouse he once bought so they're free from his perspective. A bit strange to shoestring budget me.

Details will be added as TL;DR to the project logs. Not much I can say yet!

  • On snakes and stuff

    Emil J05/23/2015 at 18:45 0 comments

    As promised, there is a (nearly) proper Python library (link in the links section, go have a gander) by elektro-potkan, a guy who's got quite a bit more Python/RPi skills than me. He asked me to clean up his English in the documentation, so that's gonna be my commit. The library does just what you need to turn it on/off, change the volume, sound source and tune to a frequency in MHz.

    Then I'll get to work on the human interface itself - I'll probably go for an alphanumeric backlit LCD, two rotary encoders, two buttons (enter and back) and a bunch of programmable station buttons.

    Oh, and by the way, we're gonna use a heatsink/tuner noise shielding combo that we'll anodize, dye and probably laser engrave with stuff. I've started to populate my PCB and soldering tiny SMD resistors with my fat-tipped soldering iron is really frustrating.

    See you around!

  • The PCB Rev2 (Rev1 was commercial)

    Emil J05/17/2015 at 17:22 0 comments

    So yeah, after a few months I have more info for you about this project!
    Check out the new documents and pictures.
    The tuner we're using has two chips - TEA6810V and TEA6825T. It packs AM, stereo FM, RDS and is controlled via I2C. The board itself (schematic and board files are somewhere around this page) has a TDA7313N signal processor, also controlled via I2C. The board has a 2x35W amp, a L5956 supplying +8V5, +5V and +3V3 for the other chips. The address of each chip is 7-bit, watch out for that. It can be powered by an AC transformator that outputs max 12V and is able to supply at least 70W or a max 14V min 14A DC supply.
    Please leave your questions, ideas and opinions in the comments, I appreciate it. Next update will probably a software update about the Python library and implementation of on-demand internet music services, so follow if you are interested in this project!

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