• Prototype 2

    gannon04/10/2015 at 01:53 0 comments

    I got my carbon fiber rods in the mail finally. Thanks to building a prototype with wooden rods earlier it didn't take long to put together a more finished prototype.

    Here's a shot of it in it's folded state for packing away / transporting:

    And a quick shot with the arms folded out and it on my shoulder...kind of hard to get a good pic without someone else to help :P

    There are definitely many things to do to finish the project up, but most will come after I've had a chance to test it a bit.

    Once I have the part designs finalized I will post the files and build instructions.

  • Drop Down, Reverse Direction, Increase Speed

    gannon04/07/2015 at 13:06 0 comments

    Up to this point I have really been concentrating on the design portion of this build. I ordered my carbon fiber rods almost a month ago hoping they would be here by now, but seems the slow boat from China was slower than even I expected...

    So, a quick trip to the local hardware store and $2.50 later I now have temporary rods (5/8" wood dowel) to use to build a prototype. My goal is to have the unit functional by this Friday as I want to shoot some video.