My USB DAC is flimsy and blends a lot

I use a USB DAC (audio jack is stuck inside the laptop). It is very prone to bending so I made this to secure it to my computer a bit more.

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The audio jack on my computer is blocked (pro tip: don't use cheap audio cables and have them break in your computer) and I'm stuck using this for the time being. It's a USB audio output device i bought off of amazon for about $20 so I would at least get sound from my computer.It protrudes a lot and is very prone to bending especially when it's not on a flat surface. And since it's a cheap piece of junk it's very close to breaking, so I made this to secure it to my computer a bit more. I took some measurements and made a few sketches, and then modeled it in Rhino. It took a few prints and tweaks to get everything flush. Here is the model if you by any chance have the same issue (and DAC ) i do ! :


3dm - 20.39 MB - 02/13/2018 at 20:41


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