This project is about developing free (as in freedom) imagery software and hardware for visually deficient people.

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!!!! Because a big lack of time (personal projects, professional life, etc). This project is paused ... Maybe for the next hackaday prize, sorry. !!!!!!

This project is about developing free (as in freedom) imagery software and hardware for visually deficient people. The software should be able to interface with video cameras.

Why this project ?
Video Magnifiers already exists, but it's really really expensive. (Example : So we want to create an open hardware and open source video magnifier to help visually deficient people.

And we want to create a movement about free software/hardware in the city of Rennes (France).

More description Soon.
Project made by a Hackaday Prize team in Rennes (labfab). The team will change soon.

Main features

  • Zoom in on text, invert colors, adapt to color blindness.
  • Create a 3D support
  • provide open hardware schematics for building easy to use generic camera stand hardware.

Additional features

  • Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read aloud selected text.
  • Adapt to already existing specialized cameras
  • structural analysis of documents
  • external remote control
  • Multiplatform implementation (include windows)
  • Multiarchitecture implementation (armf?)

  • Let's correct OCR output

    AmarOk09/06/2015 at 15:38 0 comments

    In this project, we use GOCR to recognize the text on an image.

    But it's not perfect. Some words are not corrects, some space are created, some are forget.

    For example:

    So, to correct the text for the speech synthesis, I see 2 options:

    • Use a free (as in free beer) spell checker.
    • Develop a simple algorithm (merge words to avoid fake spaces and distance algorithm to correct the sentence).

    I choose the first solution and I use After The Deadline API. The script will be available on the git repository.

  • Let's Recognize characters !

    AmarOk04/24/2015 at 15:31 0 comments

    For very visually deficient people, the Open Video Magnifier offers an OCR.

    The software makes some steps:

    - Get the image:


    - Clusterize the text in some groups & give a logical order:

    A lot of clustering algorithm without any order exists already. To give an order to the clusters can be a difficulty :).

    Example of a very basic clustering algorithm (kmeans):



    I will try some algorithm with order later.

    - Each group is processed by an open source OCR: GOCR give pretty good results

    - Correct the OCR output. Later.

    - Give the text to a vocal synthesis. (espeak, festival, etc?)

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