Rubik's Cube Corner Repair

I was solving a Rubik's Cube when The corner piece broke! So I 3d printed the corner!

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One time I was solving my Dad’s 25 yr. old Rubik's Cube, when I ran into my younger brother. The corner piece fell off when the Rubik's Cube hit the Ceramic Tile. I thought I could put it back in, but the piece was cracked after it hit the tile. I didn't have another Rubix cube to use, so I decided to save a few dollars and 3d print a Rubik's Cube Corner Piece. If I didn't want to 3d print it, it would probably be $8.99 for just ONE Rubik's cube ( Also, it's old, so it would be a better idea to 3d print the corner piece, and each print costing less than 50 cents. I knew that I could print it in my Engineering class. Feel free to leave comments or questions about the project!!!


          I tried playing with the Rubik's Cube without the piece, but it just messed it up more. So I decided to 3d Print it. I went online and figured out the measurements, also measuring the broken piece. After figuring out the measurements, I went onto Solidworks, making a 1.905 by 1.905 by 1.905 centimeter cube. I added a rectangular prism and cut different areas to finish it off. But, I had messed up. I measured the part that hangs on the Rubik's cube, wrongly. I printed it, which only took 22 minutes, then found my mistake. The part would fit in the Rubik's Cube without taking the pieces off. So I started a new project, starting with a 1.905 by 1.905 by 1.905 centimeter cube. I then measured each side of the Flange or Connector. It was 1 by 1 by 1 centimeter cube cut off at certain corners. I felt confident with the 2nd design and printed it. After it finished printing, I took off the support piece. But, the Flange Or Connector was bigger than I thought it would be. I then went back on the the project to investigate. The 1.905 by 1.905 by 1.905 centimeter cube was the same size as the first design, but I made the Flange Or Connector piece to big. During the process, I had mistakenly measured one side in inches. I then started to have trouble. I failed twice 3d printing. One time it was to small and one was to big. I started to lose confidence. The Deadline was gaining speed towards me. So I went onto Tinkercad, an online CAD design website. ( I made a 1.905 by 1.905 by 1.905 centimeter cube, and a 1 by 1 by 1 centimeter cube at one of the edges. I then made 3 Wedges called a hole. I positioned each wedge at the top of the cube, and two on opposite sides. It took me about 30 minutes to perfect the shape. I put it in Cura, and Boom. It was Great. And It fit perfectly in the Rubik's Cube! I finished the Repair!!!

This is the flawed design, the first design.

This is the a design in process.

This is the flawed Rubik's Cube Corner.

This is what it looked like before the third 3d print.

This is what the final and flawless design looked like in Cura!!!

Feel free to leave questions or comments on the project!!!

Rubik's Cube Corner

Here is the file to 3d Print.

x-zip-compressed - 1.10 kB - 02/20/2018 at 03:48


Rubik's Cube Corner Fix.stl

Here is the file to 3d Print.

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 3.99 kB - 02/20/2018 at 02:49


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    Firstly, download whatever file you need to print the Corner Piece.
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    Secondly, Open up your 3d printing app on your device.
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    Lastly, Load the Piece and Print!!!

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Kevin wrote 02/26/2018 at 20:46 point

The replacement cube looks a little on the big side. I don't think you accounted for the thickness of the labels. A couple of enhancements you could make to the model would be to round the edges, and engraving letters (or words) in the sides to indicate the colours of the sides of the replacement corner piece.

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Ian Hunn wrote 02/27/2018 at 18:29 point

You can also add vinyls to each side, like a red sticker, a green sticker, or whatever vinyl or sticker you need. And the angle I took the picture made it look bigger. I know that establishment and formulation of the Corner Piece was entered into the Computer-aided design software was legitimate and precise. I knew that the 3d printer had a few disfigurements. Thank you for the suggestion.

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Ian Hunn wrote 02/20/2018 at 22:40 point

I love Engineering! I really hope I can win!!!

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