OpenLoad - DC Electronic Load

A DC Electronic load for PSU/battery testing and efficiency evaluation.

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The project is in its begging, the plan is to build a electronic load to evaluate PSUs and, if possible, help to design more efficient ones. The electronic load should be able to hold at least 100W, providing in a display or via PC interface the following parameters: Set current/voltage/power, actual current/voltage/power, it will be cool if i can implement some efficiency calculations to it and graph all the acquired data.

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Clovis Fritzen wrote 05/07/2015 at 01:37 point

Hey Jean, how are you?

I have made something similar during my summer internship @ UBC Vancouver (Canada); what is have done is exactly this: 

and it worked pretty well for DC references but not so well for frequencies of more than some hundreds of hertz (due to low gain opamps and high mosfet capacitances). I was able to control the dissipation of 250W with these heatsinks: 

add me back on hackaday so that we can talk more, if you wish so.  

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Jean Mazurkievicz wrote 05/07/2015 at 17:38 point

Hello Clovis, i'm fine, what about you?

Thanks for the heat sink recommendation,  i will probably increase the power capacity once i have a working controller. Which opamp/mosfet combination did you use?

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texane wrote 05/08/2015 at 02:21 point

Hi both of you,

I recently needed such electronics and ended writing this:

Regarding the amplifer, an AD8552 is used for its very low

voltage offset, allowing for low load currents to be set. For

the transistor, a BTS117 is used.

The voltage sense does not exist, so I am very interested

about your controller.


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