Jasper Sikken

Hardware Engineer

Utrecht, The Netherlands
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Things I've Built

Internet controlled lights and garage door

I can control my 6 remote controlled wall sockets(lights) and the garage door from my android phone. I connected a arduino microcontroller to my internet connection and added 433 Mhz transmitting functionality. I created the arduino program and

Mbed Gas Water and Electricity meter

My Mbed microcontroller posts electricity, water and gas usage, indoor temperature, humidity, air pressure, light intensity and air quality, PIR motion activity to every 60 seconds.

ELectric Imp Heart Rate Bracelet

Measures your heartbeat and sends it through the internet to a light-emitting bracelet that starts beating in the same pulse as your own heart.

Arduino Electric Load

This board is pretty handy to test power suppliers. This board accepts a Arduino Nano. And through the serial monitor you can type desired the constant current, constant power or constant resistance.

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