Low cost portable glove box

an inexpensive and portable glove box for use in areas where cost is a very big problem

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While competing in TSA (technology student association) I was tasked to come up with a prototype for their biotech engineering competition. While we did not win anything, stupid presentation size limits, I want to continue to develop this project into something that can actually be used and donated to the science department at my school. In Its current form its not much, just a wooden box with a plexiglass lid and work gloves held on with little more than wood screws. However, I plan on vastly improving the design to a actual usable state.

Stemming from a school project, this project further develops the idea of a low cost and portable glovebox

  • Box environment monitoring

    Brent Ross05/09/2015 at 20:34 0 comments

    An idea came to me. Using a teensy board and various environmental sensors, the inside of the box could be monitored. This monitoring could be used to help the user identify any threat posed by the sample in the box or just monitor the general conditions in the box such as temperature or humidity.

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Peter Walsh wrote 06/18/2015 at 17:31 point

It's a sealed box with inward-pointing gloves attached to holes in the walls. A researcher sticks his hands in the gloves to manipulate things in the box.

The box can contain potentially dangerous stuff (biologicals, poisonout chemicals), or can just contain stuff you don't want contaminated from the outside air (Nitrogen atmosphere, archaeological samples, moon rocks).

Googling "glove box" in the image search will show you lots of examples.

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rollinns wrote 06/18/2015 at 01:06 point

I'm not familiar with gloveboxes outside a car, could you please explain what this does and why. I'm not trying to be negative about your project, but my background is far removed from the biotech engineering world and I'd like to learn something.  It's not clear to me why you need to monitor the temp and humidity or identify threats inside a box holding gloves (if it does hold gloves).

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