Project is to demonstrate possibility.

I bought lighter magnets after my initial attempt to build the rotor was too heavy. The new magnets will be much lighter, and they will not overload the bearings, a main concern. I had also used fiberglass resin to encase the rotor. The core was steel, and the thing was much too heavy. Next attempt will add little more than a pound of weight.

I want to try axial coupling of flat magnets to windings held by heavy paper finished with shellac. Magnets could be epoxied to an aluminum rotor. It is crucial to achieve a balanced, and light rotor. The form of the windings should ideally be consistent, and reproducible so as to permit a small gap with the rotor. This is essentially the engineering achievement I want to bring to manufacturing.

It is necessary to use a precision stencil for magnet placement. As well, the paper-shellac core must be drawn and cut to close tolerance for optimal placement of windings.