• Battery Capacity

    04/21/2017 at 04:32 0 comments

    Stored wattage can be estimated using the amp-hour rating.

    I decided that knowing 12 volts X 1 amp for 180 minutes is a rating pertinent to calculating stored energy in watts.

    Assume a .1 volt drop resulting from testing the battery charged at 12 volts delivering current through 12 ohms for a duration of 180 minutes. Power lost from the battery is 12 x 180/60 = 36 watts.

    It is then assumable the battery will perform in like manner through a linear range of the discharge period when in use. Thus for a deep cycle battery charged to 13.5 volts the available power in watts is estimated as:

    10 x (13.5 - 11.5) x 36 = 720 watts

  • LM334 Macro

    12/01/2016 at 20:56 0 comments

    Status. I created the LM334 macro for special status; inclusions and exemptions untold. Enjoy!

    *path @boinerz

    .subckt LM334 V+ V-

    B1 V+ V- I=.000227*{T(KT,FT)}/RSET

    .param KT=251

    .param RSET=230

    .param FT=temp

    .func T(KT,FT) {(KT+FT)}



  • Inductive Load Center - Wireless Hub

    07/12/2016 at 00:47 0 comments

    On solar power, I have now added a 4.2 cubic foot refrigerator (about 28 watts) and have used the Nuwave type halogen countertop oven twice to cook chicken 45 minutes at midday. This of course is in addition to typical demands for water, septic, lights, laptop charging, and my 35-watt, 32-inch television. Add ocassional use of a vacuum, and power tools. So far, there has not been an overload, but it is because I avoid one. The inductive load center can provide a framework for ensuring power demands do not overlap. The NuWave oven could be fitted with a wireless sensing device, asserting a PRQ to the wireless hub. The hub is then hard-wired to the Inductive Load Center.

    Considering the oven, and power tools with a compressor, it is logical to look at a manual PRQ switch for high priority manual control. This leads to considering a wireless hub, necessary to implement the Inductive Load Center without extra wiring. The hub would be hard wired to the load center from a central location where wireless signals can be received.

    The refrigerator has had no effect on battery levels. Midday power use is replenished even in cloudy weather. Today, a rainy day was first dark day in some time.