fix wet iPhone with teensyLC

I just received my free teensyLC from hackaday and already saved my wife's iPhone

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My wife dropped her iPhone in the sink and she was trying to dry the phone out in a bag of rice. She was not happy with the results and said I should use my food dehydrator. The dehydrator got too hot so I setup the teensy I won in the teensy 2015HACKADAYPRIZE contest a few weeks ago.

I used components that will be used for my BBQ Smoker Temp Control since this was only going to used for one night.

Simple teensy connected to relay connected to dehydrator. 5 min on 15 min off for about 3 hours.

The iPhone was working after the 1 second dunk in water but the hardware buttons would not work and the volume display was constantly on covering the screen.

Now phone performs normally.

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