• Created project here to keep up with progress

    Metalnat01/29/2014 at 03:23 0 comments

    ​First things first.  Getting started.  Although the modeling is more or less done for the initial setup,  it's still quite far from done and this will be where i post updates and processes.  Thingiverse will be a place I post files for download.  

    There are two ways I might want to move forward and they are as follows:

    1: solid mesh but focus heavily on expressive poses that can be printed out later and then painted.

    2: separate out the individual parts with the intent to piece together later like a gundam kit.  limited poses but the idea of interchangeable parts is sounding kinda fun.  (much like watching the making of Nightmare Before Christmas) I want to make several base head models, and set the bandannas as an expressive interchangeable part on said head model.  So each part would have to have it's own rig and a considerable amount of energy will go into "how to make this fit/move"

    So this is my thought process at the moment.