Main Turning Headstock

-Fits 4 (100mm), 5 (125mm), and 6 (150mm) inch chucks and collet noses.

-2 inch through bore, 50mm

-0 to 2000 RPM, limited by chuck rating

-Worm gear driven C axis, can be [dis]engaged in under a second. Will be pneumatic in production.

-Slides on heavy boxways

Milling Spindle Head

-Swivels on a rigid B axis to cut from any angle

-0 to 6000 RPM

-Can index to any angle and hold position

-Can rigid tap

-Works with 30 taper tool holders, no pull stud needed


-Approximately 5 feet long (1.5 meters)

-Weighs as much as a few adult humans
-Heavy aluminum construction (will be anodized in production version)