• How many inputs?

    stopsendingmejunk06/13/2015 at 07:54 0 comments

    Let's see... the LCD screen takes six of the Arduino's outputs. Each of the three RGB LEDs takes three outputs, plus one output each for six status LEDs. That brings us to 21 so far, and we haven't even talked about inputs. The Arduino UNO only provides 13 outputs.

    We played around a bit and switched to an i2c display, which only needs two outputs. Then by using ws2811 RGB LEDs in-line we can have all three lights on a single output. Perfect!

  • 24 Hour Hackathon

    stopsendingmejunk06/13/2015 at 07:43 0 comments

    We loosely organized this evening for a 24 hour hack-a-thon. We started off looking through our various collections of micro controllers and parts and discussing various ideas. Would we work towards good or evil? Would we solve a problem? Would we change the world? Or would we make some piece of pure nonsense?

    After lengthy discussions we settled on making a two player competitive RGB color matching game. A single RGB LED shows a reference color which each player then has to match by adjusting the Red, Green, and Blue values of their own LED. Players will get points for their speed as well as their accuracy.

    Jobs were divided up quickly with Sean Brown and Sam Beveridge taking on the initial hardware prototyping, Dean Cheesman working on the game logic, Marcos Minond and Steve Wood working on hardware and me working on the game box design.