Wild Onion will use the storage on devices to (in most cases) physical move data onto its destination. Messages, pages and files will be passed through multiple nodes(devices) utilizing the TOR protocol to encrypt data. The nodes of the network will be in most cases mobile so delivery times will vary and round trips will not always be possible where node density is low.

Mobile phone, laptops/tablets, PC, routers and purpose built devices can be loaded with the software that encrypts, transmits, stores, re-transmits and decrypts information, this process is the heart of WIld Onion. For security reasons mobile phones will not be favored by the network as potentially personal information about the sender or at the least the nodes owner can be used to track data, but in some cases it will impossible to avoid. Static nodes can build up a relatively high speed permanent network hub, with mobile nodes bolstering the network integrity. Also connection to the existing TOR network will allow greater network reach, however the network will not rely on this so as to be capable of functioning absolutely independently.The network will maintain user anonymity by using encryption and transmission redundancy, the exact method this will be achieved will vary depending on the user situation.

In remote areas the network will not be permanent and nodal connection will rely on new nodes moving into an area to transmit data in and out. Places like tourist attractions, sporting events, fares, field days would be locations that would allow the network to work. In these circumstances there still may be very low nodal connection and the possibility for monitoring and network disruption is very high. If you are not concerned about your data that's fine but if you need complete anonymity and a reliable connection to the rest of the network, trusted muling nodes would be the answer. An example of this may be if you have truck driving friend who regularly travels across the country, they can carry a node that will only connect with you and other trusted end point nodes. An internal GPS could also control when the node is active so it is not constantly transmitting. Who could also get creative and setup your own long range repeaters, use quadcopters or usb drives to move data from the highway to where ever you are.

To really complete this project and put it into the real world I'm looking for collaborators.If you are interested please contact me.