• Tested software, new board files

    Daniel02/13/2016 at 06:01 0 comments

    Long ago I tested this version and it worked fine using the PureEngineering software. I have not played with it much since.

    However, recently I updated the board to fix previous issues (as discussed before) as well as add a small SMD reset button. Sometimes, the device must be reset to connect properly using the PureEngineering software and so I figured having a button would be neat.

    I also made the board fit in 1 sq in for the heck of it. Good practice I suppose. The GitHub repo has been updated with the latest Eagle files.

    I think next I will get this fabricated and test it out and perhaps write my own software.

    Then, I would like to shrink down to 0402, 4 layers, and add an ARM coprocessor as PureEngineering has done to add to the capability with perhaps an sd card.

  • Received boards, soldered, and tested

    Daniel07/21/2015 at 23:02 0 comments

    Well I got the boards back from OSHPark and they look good. However, I noticed I mislabeled the SPI pins. The correct order is MOSI MISO CLK CS GND VIN SDA SCL. I guess I shouldn't have rushed and tried to mimic the Pure Engineering breakout so closely.

    I soldered up one of them and have tested for shorts. I accidentally dropped a blob of soldered onto the socket when I was soldering the header on and so I had to get creative with some wick to get the shorts out from underneath the socket. The blob shorted the MOSI and MISO pins to ground but I seem to have been able to remove it all.

    I powered the board with a 3.3 V source and have good power at each regulator and no power where it shouldn't be.

    Next, I plan on connecting the board to an A+ Raspberry Pi and seeing if I can get any images out of it using Pure Engineering's software.

    I do not plan on purchasing another module and so I have two extra PCBs and sockets to go with them. All someone would need is the module, regulators, and passives to assemble them (~$190 from Digikey). Message me if you would be interested. I am willing to get rid of them for free or the cost of shipping.