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Telegram is a great IM client. Recently they implemented a bot API. Telegram control is a hardware device that can be controlled by Telegram

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We recently implemented a telegram bot running on a Raspberry PI to control various aspects at our local hackerspace. This includes controlling the door and gate. Monitor enviroment (temp and humidity) and we even added a spacecam that will take a photo and send it via telegram. This project is about creating an embedded device that you can just plug into a network and then control the IO via telegram. Its secure (https) and should be an easy way to control outputs and monitor inputs.

This project is essentially a telegram bot that run on embedded hardware. This means that you can toggle outputs and monitor inputs from your telegram client. This is helpful when you have no idea on what network or IP address the device is. As long as it can get on the internet via dhcp you should be able to control it.

The current prototype is being developed on the Freedom-K64F. This board was chosen because of the ethernet interface. Also the mcu has enough flash and ram that would enable me to get it working using https. Security is a requirement for this project, and also I think the telegram API only works over https (as it should).

  • 1 × FRDM-K64F Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, DSPs / ARM, RISC-Based Microcontrollers

  • It has begun!

    Tom Van den Bon06/29/2015 at 11:59 0 comments

    I decided to do this project after we successfully implemented a telegram bot on a raspberry pi running at our local hacker space (BinarySpace). I felt that a raspberry pi is a bit overkill and that this can probably run just as well on a embedded device. The only real caveat I currently see is getting ssl working on the embedded device.

    There are a few options that I'm looking at and now that I have received my devboard I can start on the code :)

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