energy harvesting multi-source board

use the available energy in the room to run your project without the endless lipos and AAAs and 9volts we're all drowning in.

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I hate the endless boxes of batteries we use for our projects, particularly when we are drowning in energy, in our brightly-lit, wi-fi filled rooms full of noise and vibration.

This is an attempt to put as many technologies as I can into a single demonstrator board so people can see what kind of energy is available in their particular situation/project, and choose what's best for them (or just have a cheap shield they can dump on top of an arduino without thinking that will run a low-draw project).

Initially just breadboards of candidate harvesters, the eventual goal is to produce a single pcb that can be sold unpopulated, in a kit containing the best harvesters for most people, or fully populated "power bricks" with enclosures.

The initial attempt is running the various systems through a single rectifier/buck, the LTC3588-2 is the first attempt. There are some TI chips as well that may work better as they're smarter.

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