Isolinear Chips


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Glass PCBs and circuits in form factor

Already have the first sets of samples in. 25 micron to 200 micron thickness glass. More one process and workings this evening or tomorrow. Also a couple pics.

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    BART08/24/2015 at 16:20 0 comments

    lmao I'm getting ready to publish today and cut for content.

    My own fault too. Rofl. Let this be a lesson to the those that would happen upon this post. I was thinking like an employee. Get the work done and into the boss first thing Monday. When I should have been thinking like a content provider publishing my content for people to enjoy first thing Monday morning.

    Well maybe for the better, still waiting on my patent pending. And while I want to be completely open, this was more of a product development than a hack and I need to make some money. However, I can still publish some content.

    Don't think anyone's subbed, but to those would be later. My deepest regrets and appologies that this was tardy.

    A good comparison against a microscope slide. I can actually get down to .025 mm, and it has some flex too.

    Not to much we found out from the first run at putting metal on these.

    Onward and upward. We already have a strategy for the next round, new samples will be arriving this week...and maybe I will post. depends on who's here

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