DIY 3d Printer V slot Guide builds

DIY 2020 builds. Undecided on exact frame type to go with so playing right now and waiting.

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A 2020 build with minimum spend.
For me it is looking better and safer then the cheap chinese units I bought, that do not work as they were all faulty, missings parts, not good enough power supply.

I wasnt sure to go DIY but my RC experience made it easy "people made it confusing when its simple". I knew this in me but still questioned things and come to the realisation that it is not as complicated as one originaly thinks and asking is pointless as no one wants to see you WIN OR IN A BETTER POSITION!
Aint that so? All secretive crap right? aha Arduino is a blessing is disguise.

If I can do it, you can!
I advise you go DIY.
It takes longer as your playing the waiting and reliability game.
9/10 sales go to crap so it is time consuming and stressful.
This is 2nd month in.
Lost many Paypal disputes for DOA items.
Now I need smooth bar and trapezoidal but to extortion price.
Also need large hotbed, again extortion. Check the components section and read boy youl l

I got unhealthy and needed a way to make some kind of income from home with nightmare neighbours and all

So my story on this journey. tbh you can see from I started this account. I got ill, started this hackaday just to keep logs and show people what to expect when getting into any of the same projects.

So I order Tronxy x1 and Anet A8 from Gearbest thinking cheap prototyping. I had a certain amount of money and nothing coming in so this is a investment of sort were Im looking to target certain consumables and undercut. You may think thats wrong but read on of my experiences in this game. Remember I am a Business man.

Ordered and straight off the bat realised these guys milking it for every penny they can. Telling all kinds of lies. Cant even answer simole questions, un reliable.

Simply changing to a USA plug reduced cost by £20??😒 really? what theeeee! yup, you know, I got alot of plugs around my home.

"Id say there £1 max value each so why am I paying £20? ALARM BELLS!"🤔🙉😅

It took them 14 days to process my claim😴😴😴. So long that I order another unit 😪then additional 7 days before dispatched 🤐

Yea! one of them ones.😲

I was right moment I got them😕😔 could tell by the box ect😔😟🤗🤕 so was no suprise on the rest of missing,😒 doa ectectect get onto them and ask for them to send replacement parts 1 motor few other bits the thing is is both machines had the exact same missing and dead parts🤔🤔🙉 and I wasnt even asking for them to send every missing broken thing either just the majors, I got auto reply🙉🙈🤔

Ah Im going on.😪

Anyway this led me to huilding my own.🙄

They gave me £30😝 back on 1 and want the other 1 returned😒 and you know what that will lead to dont you? ye we didnt send that so you can now pay for it to be shipped back as we aint replacing it TRIPPLE LOSS! and more.😭😢😭😨😩😠😳👌👈ye poked in the .💩

Be warned.💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

Even building this 9 out of 10 seller send faulty dead gear💩💩💩💩 and wait for the timer on paypal, "knowing paypal has even removed the escelate button" so you cant even escelate!🤔🤔 feel like oh they must be on it paypal protection and all that 🤗and then BAM case closed you lost🤔. Your dazed hows this possible?🤔🤔

"Because you goto phone them now to escelate a claim." And guess what, you cant reopen a closed claim or appeal.😐😮😯

I couldnt even accept gear best £30 offer after they closed it🤔 I went back to the ticket system and they done 1 but not the other. 😥🤔Great I can cover the melzie board but what about the missing parts and dead nema? £30 was not enough? and thats just 1 unit the other had some extra major parts missing and broke 😧😧😧Anet a8😷

Why no replacement part or warranty part sent out?🤔🤔 and paypal not protecting me?🤔

Be careful I want to say alot more. Paypal has there back 100% same as ebay.🙈🙉🙊

They treat you like a payday loan🤑. Imagine if me and you could do that? 💸💷💰💴💵💶💷Well thats the thing. I think we would be in prison for fraud🏤, hence no UK based gearbest.🚦🚥✈🛳🕐🕜🕓🕞🕔⛈⛈⛈🌩☔🔥🎃🎌

I will got 1 extra and go as far to say that gearbest is bang goods return centre and they sell the returned faulty gear at discount knowing youl be stuck and be able to do nothing.

All China sellers at it. 1 in 10 are real💯💯 If you aint got your gear in 2week🛫🛬🛳🛥🚁⏳⌛re...

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  • 16 × 2020 v slot 5 series Extorsion alert! This is the expensivest parts amd you goto be carefull.Should be around £3 per meter.
  • 50 × Aluminium 2020 braces Be careful again. You can use plates ect. I payed £2.50 for 10 and realised I needed atleast 20. Fount 10 for £1.
  • 50 × T nuts AVOID Extorsion and defective. Use m4 m3 or m5 nuts depending what series extrusion your using. Sent me 6mm when advertised as 5mm. £3 for 50 pack received 20 odd lol.
  • 500 × M5 M6 Assortment About £4. I worked out that 1p per bolt is fine for m4 m5 and m6 but you will see £1 per bolt so be warned. Or buy in 100s at £3 but thats 3p per bolt 3x cost ect so the assortment had alot of washers so kind of rip off again.
  • 20 × Bearing 5-10-4 £1 for 10 be careful they dont send whats in picture and they muddle sizes up. You want m5 m4 as thickness and bolt fit dependent on extrusion series.I plan to put rubber around but m4 does not fit snug so I got them longer bearings.

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  • The smaller plates and unknown thing?

    RX HMP05/12/2017 at 18:34 0 comments

    Can you tell me what the top one is and what metal the bottom ones look to be. There heavy.

    Pm if you will. Think I will use them to make mounts and brackets ect.

  • Big boy toys

    RX HMP05/12/2017 at 18:31 0 comments

    Mrs came home with these lol. Been very supportive threw bad health times.

    Plan to clean them up.

    Maybe some one can tell me what the metal thing woth the 2 wires are from? Looks heater or cooler related so maybe a hotbed there.

    That big sheet is way to heavy, maybe I try get it cut up for X Y Z movement plates ect.

    Smaller ones look to be aluminium but they are heavy heavy.

    Ive got GT2 belts ect and thinking use nema 14s woth belts and nema 23s for Z.

    The 500mm square box Im not happy with as it uses to many bars. I wanted to make atleast 2 frames.

    Thinking using 4pcs to make X Y Z arms with ball nuts type or belt but thats 4pcs each axis.

    I dont know the proper name for the crane types so I am going to call it "crane type aha."

    I wanted to build 3 crane types and a mini mill.

    I obviously need more or 2040 2080 aswell as trapezoidal and smooth bars.

    Ive got a few shops at check out but I am thinking tripple my order and do some frames to sell so my costs are reduced further. Infact Ive bought that way, so I can sell and mine work out as free. But all the effort and my health is crap. Wifi were I am at is locked down by 1 company too and its crap and over priced.

    All my electronics are here. Im now working out what I need for mini mill and if I should fix this lathe to make them threaded bars I have smooth.

    The bearing run fast and to the thread when left under gravity so Im wondering if they will work like ball nuts under load on threaded rod or will it ruin accuracy.

    Feel free to advise me. Literaly done all this for 1st time off top of my head.

    I think Im doing well but the price variations/extortion kills the deal.

    Im not sure were im at woth costs either but doubt you coud but anythong woth this specs for similar money, youl probably spend what ive soent on linear rails and plates alone.

    Be careful. Even the reputable companies in the community will have you. They trying to make money not save you money. Remember that. Mark ups about 100% in uk on anything like this pluss tax ect and most time the seller aint even a tax reg company lol and most deffinately selling fakes too.

    Cheeky aint it.

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