Super Sized 7 Segment LED Clock.

A super sized 7 Segment Clock based on LED Stripes and Arduino.

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I built this clock for some friends in July of 2015. They needed a big countdown clock for a party. After the party i decided to modify the clock by adding a RTC module and a temperature sensor. Then we brought the clock to the ccc camp 2015. I never planed to doument the building of this clock, but considering the fact what happened to Ahmed Mohamed i decided to make a short video and write a short documentation.

Last but not least: Makers and Hackers of all ages, nations, religions... Do not let yourselves be dispirited by anyone. Keep on making and hacking!


For the base i used some laser cut sheets of plywood. Behind each segment i added a stripe segment with 4 WS2812 LED's. A Wattuino (Arduino mini clone) is used for controlling the LED stripes. For keeping the time i used Watterotts ultra low power RV-8523 RTC module.

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