Distance monitoring with Arduino & AskSensors IoT

Ultrasonic distance monitoring using HC-SR04 sensor, Arduino WiFi and AskSensors IoT cloud

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This project shows how to monitor the distance from an object based on the ultrasonic HC-SR04 sensor and Arduino. The arduino pushes the measured distances to the AskSensors IoT platform through ESP-01 WiFi.

This project may be useful for makers and companies looking for a remote access their sensors data over the cloud. It shows the example of monitoring the distance measured by an ultrasonic sensor with Arduino and connected to the AskSensors IoT cloud.

  • 1 × Arduino
  • 1 × ESP-01
  • 1 × ultrasonic HC-SR04
  • 1 × Bread Board
  • 1 × Jumper Wires

  • 1
    Create AskSensors Account
  • 2
    Sensor Setup

    Follow this tutorial for a step by step guide.

  • 3
    Prepare your Hardware

    You will need:

    • An Arduino Board, I'm using an Arduino Uno
    • An ESP8266 WiFi module, I'm using an ESP-01
    • A bread board and jumper wires

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Nikolai wrote 03/02/2020 at 09:04 point

I like it! So simple and quick.

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