An Open Source Pick and Place Machine built on TinyG, Chilipeppr. Beaglebone Black, and OpenCV

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An Open Source Pick and Place Machine using TinyG, Chilipeppr, and Beaglebone Black for computer vision. This project is a fork of the main difference being the use of TinyG for motion control.

Picki is an open source cartesian style pick and place machine using TinyG for motion control and Beaglebone Black + OpenCV for computer vision. Picki will be designed out of 20X20mm T-slot aluminum extrusion, t-slot hardware, metric screws, and 3D printed parts (option of machined). Picki will be sort of RepStrap style machine utilizing a lot of off the shelf parts and special vitamins with a lot of 3D printed parts.

Preliminary Specs
- TinyG V9F developer board - Motion control

- TinyG Encoder Fin -

- Beaglebone Black - OpenCV and Camera processing

- IDS Imaging uEye LE Industrial Automation Cameras (x2)

- 20mmX20mm Aluminum T-slot extrusion

- Ballscrew Y axis, w/ brake NEMA23 and optical encoder

- Twin Y Axis gantry arms, one for real components one for tray

- ballscrew X axis, w/ brake NEMA23 and optical encoder

- leadscrew Z axis, w/ NEAM17 and optical encoder

- Linear Technology NEMA17 Stepper Motors w/ Optical Encoders for XYZ

- Hollow Shaft stepper for large package placement

- Tweezer head

- Solder Paste Dispension

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  • I'm Finally Building It!

    AVR03/01/2020 at 04:04 0 comments

    Hey folks ! So after doing a lot of research on existing open source pick and place machines I've finally settled on a design/machine style for my own. My design is heavily influenced by the brdmkr project here on hackaday, I really like the 6 rail gantry design and mine will be built very similarly. I am using 2020 aluminum extrusion and custom 3D printed joining parts to assemble the frame and gantry as well as pretty much anything. 

    This is the frame design Im working with right now:

    All those frame pieces are from my 2020 erector set project and be downloaded here and on cults3d/thingiverse, they are very sturdy parts, I print them with 35% gryoid infill and they are extremely stiff. This is all I've got so far, oh wait its gonna use TinyG for motion control and OpenPNP for overall system. 

    Here we go again!

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