Picki is an open source cartesian style pick and place machine using TinyG for motion control and Beaglebone Black + OpenCV for computer vision. Picki will be designed out of 20X20mm T-slot aluminum extrusion, t-slot hardware, metric screws, and 3D printed parts (option of machined). Picki will be sort of RepStrap style machine utilizing a lot of off the shelf parts and special vitamins with a lot of 3D printed parts.

Preliminary Specs
- TinyG V9F developer board - Motion control

- TinyG Encoder Fin - https://github.com/adamjvr/EncoderFin

- Beaglebone Black - OpenCV and Camera processing

- IDS Imaging uEye LE Industrial Automation Cameras (x2)

- 20mmX20mm Aluminum T-slot extrusion

- Ballscrew Y axis, w/ brake NEMA23 and optical encoder

- Twin Y Axis gantry arms, one for real components one for tray

- ballscrew X axis, w/ brake NEMA23 and optical encoder

- leadscrew Z axis, w/ NEAM17 and optical encoder

- Linear Technology NEMA17 Stepper Motors w/ Optical Encoders for XYZ

- Hollow Shaft stepper for large package placement

- Tweezer head

- Solder Paste Dispension