• Video design made simple

    Antti Lukats04/17/2016 at 12:41 2 comments

    The big picture in IPI BD:

    Visible are the ARM CortexA9 hard core, and blocks for Audio, Camera and HDMI Display

    The audio block, is implemented based on IP compatible to Analog devices SPDIF IP Core, so we can reuse eixsting drivers. The IP Core has been modified to expose not SPDIF but AXI4-Stream as audio output interface, what is connectef to AXI4-Stream to PWM IP Core. Please note that this IP core is using Cortex A9 DMA channels, the DMA engine is not created in the FPGA.

    HDMI Output is also rather simple, Xilinx Video DMA is used to to get framebuffer data from DDR memory, this video streami is converted to color format supported by Linux simple framebuffer drivers, and then it sent to HDMI serializer. VDMA init is done in the FSBL, also logo is loaded by first stage bootloader so it appeary very quickly during startup.

    MIPI CSI2 camera processing path is bit longer, it is first converted from CSI2 signals into intermediate PPI Interface also defined by MIPI alliance as the MIPI PHY interface. PPI is then converted to AXI4-Stream. As next step the video data passes dual clock FIFO to move into system clock domain. Then the camera data is processed to convert RAW10 format into RGB. Before going to Xilinx VDMA IP Core the video data is resized so that it can directly be displayed on HDMI monitor.

    Thats it folks.

  • MIPI CSI-2 Camera fully working

    Antti Lukats04/16/2016 at 13:39 4 comments

    Old story, but it is working nicely. Full video patch from camera to HDMI working.

    It is so cool that in every place I have one zynqberry with demo with me I get robbed, that is have to leave the berry to the begger..

  • DivX playback full HD-60hz

    Antti Lukats03/10/2016 at 11:31 3 comments

    axi to HDMI TMDS IP core + Xilinx free IP Catalog cores, simple linux framebuffer, DivX player.

    Resources: 12% LUT, 4% FF, zynq 7010

  • f32c running, linux also

    Antti Lukats12/01/2015 at 11:24 0 comments

    1) f32c with hdmi - working good work all, this just worked

    2) linux booting, USB support working, ethernet working, i2c scan works find the mux, etc.

  • some HDMI output!

    Antti Lukats11/25/2015 at 20:18 2 comments

    with some struggle hamsters hdmi test does give some image out :)

  • PCB arrived

    Antti Lukats11/04/2015 at 19:53 2 comments

    pictures and info coming soon, PCB are in our fab!

  • PCB ordered

    Antti Lukats10/26/2015 at 08:33 1 comment

    Coming soon, excited once more - first board where I can test CSI and DSI interface with FPGA!

  • Planning done

    Antti Lukats09/26/2015 at 19:22 1 comment

    With lowest cost ZYNQ device package some compromises are required:

    1 Bidirectional DSI not possible - this is very maybe not needed anyway

    2 Analog video output replaced by audio input in 3.5mm Jack

    This setup yields in I/O Pin utilization of 100% nothing is left over but nothing is missing either