52.9k 429 72 307
LiFePO4 battery / UPS / power manager for Raspberry Pi
Project Owner Contributor


Patrick Van Oosterwijck

9k 553 9 263
EEG to control a Smart house. Oriented to persons with disabilities.
Project Owner Contributor


Daniel Felipe Valencia V

24k 200 29 139
Xilinx ZYNQ based RPi
Project Owner Contributor



11.4k 129 59 125
The DIY laptop built entirely from PCB
Project Owner Contributor



16k 198 22 112
P.A.L. : Personable Autonomous Learning - Self Programming Robot that learns and grows - Each robot developes a unique personality.
17.4k 136 24 110
This is a low cost module to add VGA and keyboard connectivity to retro computer, development board or embedded computer via serial port.
Project Owner Contributor

Low Cost VGA Terminal Module

K.C. Lee

7.3k 97 27 61
Dual input 24 bit Multimeter with USB interface, single channel 10 bit USB oscilloscope, PWM out, 2 Ch Data-logger, R, C, Digital sniffer.
Project Owner Contributor

Multimeter +


7.5k 264 15 53
Did your test strips just get more expensive? Has the drug store run out of strips for YOUR meter? Like to be able to use any test strip?
Project Owner Contributor

Universal Glucometer

Tom Meehan

4.5k 325 9 53
An open-source Arduino based toolkit to learn, build & debug electronics and robotics projects
1.7k 49 0 42
A low cost communication device, similar to a tablet, this can function without an energy grid or a network infrastructure and is secure.
5.8k 40 11 30
Unique accessory for your bike
Project Owner Contributor

Pedaless - eBike innovation


833 417 6 29
I love Virtual Reality but hate VR sickness, I decided to take a look at some options.... and a possible cure
3.5k 75 4 27
Use the power of your muscles to interact with the world
Project Owner Contributor


Alvaro Villoslada

8k 35 9 27
A PIC24-based SBC
Project Owner Contributor



3k 309 3 25
Brain hacking!!! Improve your focus and concentration by training your brain using NeuroFeedback.
4.4k 457 12 24
A wireless glowing programmable juggling props, with 9-DOF IMU
Project Owner Contributor

Rastello Club

Laurent B

3.1k 27 6 23
The not so dumb terminal
Project Owner Contributor


John Whittington

3.3k 67 5 22
A tower high 90cm made out of acrylic that lights up with the music or sensing the position of a hand on top of it.
Project Owner Contributor

Interactive VU LED tower


4.8k 494 6 20
Design for compact cluster and case that can be used for housing up to 5x Raspberry Pi2, Pi3 or Odroid XU4 (SoC) computer nodes.
906 174 9 18
A mostly hardware based solution suitable for micro controllers and other small systems.
3.9k 24 17 17
This project is about exploring whether it is possible to make a RepRap control system that can be made by a RepRap.
Project Owner Contributor



4.1k 15 2 16
Sorting candy by color, as fast as possible
10.5k 16 5 13
Because we all love blinking LEDs.
Project Owner Contributor



1.4k 398 2 11
Multifunctional robot to help bring the dream of a personal robot into reality.
Project Owner Contributor

Anna The Multibot!


670 15 0 10
An affordable educational robot for the classroom for South Africa
Project Owner Contributor

Edubot Controller (Benny)

Tom Van den Bon

573 10 10 9
This computer is based on PIC17C43 or PIC17C44 microcontroller that works in microprocessor mode with external program memory
1.6k 17 3 8
Real time graphic readout of critical engine performance parameters.
Project Owner Contributor

Engine Monitor

Jan Zumwalt

1.1k 14 6 7
A VERY cheap, tested, working, PIC based P.I.D. PID servo controller, for stepper replacement e.g. RAMPS, Pololu plug compatible drop in.
Project Owner Contributor

BOB PID Servo Controller

James Newton

971 10 6 7
Clock for the 'proper' decimal time system
Project Owner Contributor



1.3k 9 0 6
This was a technical thesis project designed to allow a user to get a print out of the current weather and the word of the day via Wi-Fi.
568 153 0 6
ECG built with dsPIC30F6011A + Accelerometer + Usb-TTL + microSD Sniffer + HMI Visor
Project Owner Contributor

Cheap ECG

David Steckler

686 11 1 3
Let every maker create his own cheap digitally controlled workbench power supply
1.4k 160 0 3
Network of city lights connected in mesh topology with a control center to observe/control them all in real-time, and even more.
Project Owner Contributor

City Lights


1.4k 9 0 3
The EBC project aims to build a device that helps psychotherapists to apply EMDR treatment of post-traumatic stress disorders
408 4 0 2
In this project, a wireless energy harvesting sensor network monitors key locations to ensure safety of users in need of assisted living.
320 4 0 2
IR Remote Light Dimmer v2 - installed instead of wall switch!
Project Owner Contributor

IR Light Dimmer v2


227 190 4 2
Wireless rocket motor test , software pc delphi borland 7 , software pic , mplabx compiler xc8 ,
Project Owner Contributor

Wireless Rocket Motor Test


111 3 0 1
Mon fractured toes on 1 foot, and is in a Wheelchair. She forgets to set the Brakes when attempting to get in/out, risking further injury.
Project Owner Contributor

Wheelchair Watcher

Grayson Schlichting

97 0 0 0
The community is the key! Let's get to know other hackers and make use of conference badges!
97 0 0 0
Let a robot operate your curtains for you.
Project Owner Contributor

Automated Curtain Operator

Drew Yenzer