• The CPU lives! and details.

    Jeremy g.05/14/2017 at 22:13 0 comments

    So the picture as the main project image is the current setup. The board allows me to put the CPU into a constant NOP operations. This allows the CPU to run through all of its available address spaces and light up some LEDS on the side of the chip.

    I will upload a video showing this operation soon.

    The next step is to get my little HP bubble display working as a human readable output so I can see whats going on instead of having to decade BCD.. on the datalines.

    I will also add a way to input data. Then its off to running a small program in ROM (witch is not currently hooked up.)

    Also along with designing a system, one must always have a slightly more powerful system in order to program the ROM.. I don't really have the time to go the route of Jerry E, and hand code the bootloader for the chip into ROM (kudos to her btw.)

    By a more powerful system i mean i will most likely use an atmega of some sort as a serial based ROM burner. This will allow me to update on the fly while the system is on.

    as promised here is the video of the NOP operations.

    This project also takes alot of inspiration from Grants Z80 computer project.