• In App Screen Editing

    Blake W. Ford01/03/2016 at 20:35 0 comments

    I just cut a release, v0.1, that corresponds to the recent surge is interest.

    Soon I will be adding the ability to edit and add new content within the app.

    This will allow for custom content creation without rebuilding the source.

    As a con, it will possibly include external libraries and complicate the code. I want to give the option to sync back to a good, know, highly advertised version.

  • Alpha

    Blake W. Ford12/29/2015 at 01:59 0 comments

    The first draft of the software is up. I am going to take some time to fiddle with some non-Star Trek UIs in private branches. A few color and logo changes and the app looks reasonably tailored for new applications.

    It may not be obvious from the screenshot, but the images and text shift at different rates. If you hit the play/pause button you can swipe through the text and images independently.

    I need to wait until my office is finished to document the internal systems as I intend to. Stuff like "How the TV works" for guests.

    I would love to see even one other custom PADD. If you have any Android ability at all, it should be straight forward to update the assets/slides and the res/values folder, rebuild and have something to call your own.

    I could also foresee a deployment of these for a quick and easy custom sales tool; considering that 25 or so of these can be bought for around $1500 and shipped anywhere in like 3 days.

    The most difficult part is blocking the default launcher which reasonably follows the past several years of online tutorials.