Part 2 - 20mm ammo can ATX casemod

Part two of the aforementioned projected.

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Part 2 - I then took measurements from an old PC case and cut out the IO/PCI card plate with a dremel.
With the faceplate, I wanted 5mm wide, 30 degree vents in their relative rows; since I didn't have access to a mill, CNC or cutter (or CAD program), I scribed the center and edges of the vents on the back of it. I initially tried to drop a carbide burr into a single hole at the end of each vent to cut out, but was more prone to make errors. The solution was to drill small holes the entire length of the vent, then clean up with a burr on a dremel mounted on a router base accessory. This meant hours under a (low quality) drill press. I made optical drive rails with the die from part one and test fit with an old drive (so I didn't damage the Blu-ray drive.
The hard drive bracket are two 3/16 thick "L"s that can hold three hard drives. With less than three, ready-rod and nuts fill the empty slots to stiffen the assembly.

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