this is a Ardunino Nano like board for the new Atmega328PB. The Atmega 328PB is the new advanced versions oft the older ATmega 328PA. Additional features are:
- Two more 16-Bit timers
- 9 PWM Outputs possible
- Two UARTS / two i2c and two SPI

Beside the four additional pins (E0, E1, B7 and B6) this is compatible to normal Arduino Nanos. The labelling of the Pins does not follow the Arduino scheme. It labels the pins as they belong to the IO ports of the AVR. B7 and B6 are normally used for the crystal. But if you are using the internal oscillator and bridge two solder jumpers on the back these pins can be used as normal additional IOs. As USB to serial IC a CH340 will be used.

still early version! More rext coming soon.....

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other project ( same Idea with Arduino pro Mini) I think there will be more software in this than in mine (like integration into Arduino IDE, which I do not need):
#*uino Mini Super

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