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We have a group, but it's time to have a place on to chat about local news and events. Want to propose a meetup or find collaborators/tools/skills for projects? This is the place.

Feel free to post links to LA/SoCal events in the comments below, or 'request to join the project' to get access to team messaging and the ability to post events as project logs.

Hackaday LA Meetup

  • Hackaday LA February 2018 Meetup Announced

    Roger02/16/2018 at 20:49 0 comments

    We have a date for the next Hackaday LA meet: Tuesday, February 27. 

    Get more details and sign up on

  • Hackaday LA January 2018 Meetup

    Roger02/03/2018 at 03:19 0 comments

    Hackaday Los Angeles kicks off the new year with our first meetup at the end of January.

    [Carlyn Maw] gave our first presentation. As a person of many talents and interests, she presented a story drawing parallels from two subjects rarely discussed together: between the dynamics of Victorian-era London society and the network interaction for Internet of Things. She walked us through an the idea applying Victorian home architecture principles to modern home network topography. Visualized via this home network diagram where every subnet has a purpose, and trust must be established before a device may "enter the room".

    [Nikita Pashenkov] followed with his story of building "Line of Sight" kinetic sculpture installed on the grounds of nearby Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Building an outdoor electronics device is already challenging enough, with weatherproofing, thermal management and many other factors to worry about. Line of Sight had the additional requirement of being readable and photogenic in full direct sunlight. As cameras typically adjust to a very low sensitivity and high shutter speed under bright light, this requirement pushed [Nikita] to iterate through many different LED modules to find one that would photograph well even in bright light.

    After our full-length presentations, our lightning talks presenters covered topics such as:

    • An invitation for local makers to check out nullspace labs.
    • Free expo passes are available to an upcoming manufacturing trade show in Anaheim.
    • People who can't afford a professional oscilloscope can buy a kit to build very simple and inexpensive hobbyist level scope.
    • Hackaday is running a "Repairs You Can Print" contest, with a special invitation to students for their own category (with a very nice 3D printer as prize.)

    In the back of the room, we always have tables set up for people to bring projects to share with others. A highlight tonight is [David Shorey]'s collection of 3D-printed objects fused to various flexible media. The "dragon scale" got a lot of attention and David has shared the design on Thingiverse so anybody print their own.

    Got a fun project? Bring it to the next Hackaday LA meet! Keep an eye on our Meetup page.

  • Hackaday LA Monthly Meetup: Space Science Hacks (May 31)

    Liz Krane05/19/2016 at 21:36 0 comments

    Thank you to all who joined us Tuesday, May 31st at the Supplyframe Design Lab to kick off the Citizen Science round of the 2016 Hackaday Prize with two great talks on space science and tech, delicious free food and time to share your own hacks and projects! Meetup event page:


    ISS-Above: Space, Tech and Education with Liam Kennedy, Inventor of ISS-Above

    Making Titan Lakes in the Lab: Prebiotic Implications with Dr. Morgan Cable, NASA JPL Imaging Spectroscopy Technologist and Cassini Assistant Project Science Systems Engineer


    Liam Kennedy is CEO of ImageBEAM Inc. and inventor of ISS-Above, an electronic device that brings the International Space Station (ISS) to your TV. (Read his full bio here.)

    ISS-Above: Space, Tech and Education: The International Space Station (ISS) is the only human-habitable environment off the surface of the Earth. It's also one of the biggest single human scientific achievements. ISS-Above is a single board computer device (using Raspberry Pi) that presents information about the ISS, and it has been shipped to over 1,000 locations around the world. Bill Nye the Science Guy described ISS-Above as his "latest obsession", and it is being used in schools, homes and public spaces to raise the public's awareness about space exploration.

    Dr. Morgan Cable works in the Instrument Systems Implementation and Concepts Section at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and she's also the Assistant Project Science Systems Engineer for the Cassini Mission, which has been exploring the Saturn system for over 10 years. (Read her full bio here.)

    Making Titan Lakes in the Lab: Prebiotic Implications: Titan is a unique world - a moon of Saturn, it hosts a massive inventory of organic molecules and serves as a prebiotic laboratory on a planetary scale. In some ways it is similar to Earth; it has a thick atmosphere, dunes, clouds, rain and lakes. And yet it is very different - it is too cold for water to be liquid; instead the liquid phase on Titan is methane and ethane! In the Cryogenic Chemistry Lab at JPL, we make mini-Titan lakes to study the fascinating chemistry that can occur in these exotic solvents. We have discovered unique chemical structures that give us clues to how organic molecules are produced, stored and transported on Titan. This work is important in understanding the potential for life, both 'life as we know it' and 'life as we don't know it'.

  • Hackaday World Create Day 2016: Brainstorming at Supplyframe Design Lab

    Liz Krane04/20/2016 at 22:07 1 comment

    Create tech solutions for social change on Hackaday World Create Day, our worldwide brainstorming session! We'll form teams and submit our project ideas to the first round of the 2016 Hackaday Prize. RSVP here:

    The Goal:

    Form a team (or work on your own) and submit a project to the Hackaday Prize design challenge.

    See challenge details here:

    Need some inspiration for your project? Here are some ideas:

    Citizen Science - Build a graphene supercapacitor, study the effects of a behavior, build an open source instrumentation device.

    Automation - Build a device that makes breakfast or buys laundry detergent when you’re running low. Automatically track stuff, automate any process, build a Me-robot to do your every whim

    Assistive technologies - Build a project that helps others move better, see better, or live better. Whether that means exoskeletons, a better wheelchair, a braille display, or educational software, we want to see it.

    • Or any other idea you have to hack for social change! Leverage your talent and find solutions to address technology issues facing humanity today.

  • Hackaday Prize Talks: Quake-Catcher Network and Cryptocurrency (April 7)

    Liz Krane03/29/2016 at 20:35 0 comments

    Join us Thursday, April 7th at the Supplyframe Design Lab for talks and time to show off your projects -- there will be food and drinks! RSVP here:


    Robert de Groot on Caltech's Quake-Catcher Network, a citizen science project that hopes to create the world's largest, low-cost strong-motion seismic network! This collaborative initiative uses a distributed computing network to let individuals improve earthquake monitoring with real-time motion sensing. The Quake-Catcher Network team also uses this project for educational outreach programs.

    Stu McLellan on cryptocurrency - Are cryptocurrencies the biggest disruptor since the dawn of the internet? Genuine revolution or passing fad? Stu is both a technologist and an entrepreneur, interested in how new technologies can empower people.

    Call for Lightning Talks: It wouldn't be a Hackaday meetup without some great projects and ideas. If you have a topic or project you'd like to speak about for two minutes, get in touch with Liz Krane!

  • 2016 March Show & Tell

    Jasmine Brackett03/17/2016 at 19:16 0 comments

    Show & Tell 6-8pm Thursday, March 31. Pasadena. Bring projects or be shunned*!

    This month the 2016 Hackaday Prize launched, Liz Krane joined the Hackaday Team, and Brian Benchoff is in town. Come along to meet them, find out the ins-and-outs of this year's prize, and spitball your concepts to create for social change.

    (Plus a special appearance of the #Travelling Hacker Box)

    More details & RSVP here:

    If you can't fight your way through LA traffic, suggest venues and/or activities in the comments and we'll look into them.

    *Not really, but please bring something or someone to show & tell.

  • Call for Papers: LayerOne Conference (28-29 May)

    Jasmine Brackett02/26/2016 at 19:09 0 comments

    The thirteenth annual LayerOne security conference is now accepting submissions for topic and speaker selection! The deadline for CFP submissions is March 31, 2016.

    Some past presentations have included:

    – Exploit Development
    – Reverse Engineering
    – Cryptography & Cryptanalysis
    – Forensics / Anti-Forensics Techniques
    – Hardware Hacking (GSM, Proximity Cards, Access Control Systems)
    – Lockpicking / Safecracking / Physical Security
    – Mobile Malware
    – Law / Legal Issues

    For a full list visit their archives.

    If you are accepted to speak at LayerOne, you will receive a $200 honorarium paid on the day of LayerOne (when you check in).

    More details and how to apply:

    What: LayerOne 2016 Security Conference

    Where: Los Angeles, California (Sheraton Gateway LAX)

    When: May 28-29, 2016

  • 2016 February Happy Hour Show & Tell

    Jasmine Brackett02/17/2016 at 19:41 0 comments

    There will be a bunch of use meeting up on Monday from 6-8pm in Pasadena for our monthly Happy Hour Show & Tell. Hope you can join us!

    More details here:

    If you can't fight your way through LA traffic, suggest venues and/or activities in the comments and we'll look into them.

  • SGVTECH: Building a Community

    Jasmine Brackett02/10/2016 at 22:48 4 comments

    Our friends SGVTECH will be holding their next meeting at OpenX on Thursday from 7 to 9pm.

    @Liz Krane, the founder of the Learn to Code LA meetup group, will speak about growing a community from nothing to 2200 members in a little under a year. SGVTECH are inviting other community managers and organizers to attend as part of the audience and encourage them to pipe up about their experiences as well. Should be a great chance to learn and share.

    If you're interested in attending, please RSVP on their Meetup before 5pm on Tuesday. OpenX is in a secured building, so they're obligated to give a list of attendees to security ahead of time.

    All the details of this event can be found here:

    Hope to see you then!

  • ​LA Area Hacker/Maker Meetup Groups

    Jasmine Brackett02/03/2016 at 22:29 0 comments

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Jasmine Brackett wrote 06/22/2016 at 17:36 point

Hackathon: Creating an Open Source Educational Game for Kids

Sat, July 2. 10AM (Inglewood)

[via Stacy Kirk]

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Jasmine Brackett wrote 04/14/2016 at 21:47 point

SoCal MakerCon: Call for Makers

The main event will be on Nov 5 at the LA Fairplex. 

[via @Aaron Berg]

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Jasmine Brackett wrote 04/08/2016 at 00:53 point

An Evening with Nelly: The Willy Wonka of Science and Design

Tues, April 12. 7PM. At El Camp (El Segundo)

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Jasmine Brackett wrote 04/08/2016 at 00:48 point

Makerden Talks | Hardware hacking for IoT made simple

You'll hear from Bhavana Srinivas, a developer evangelist from PubNub

Sat, April 9. 3-5:30 PM. At Cross Campus (Pasadena)

[Via @ACROBOTIC Industries]

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Jasmine Brackett wrote 04/08/2016 at 00:45 point

Robotics Society of Southern California Meeting

Sat, April 9. 10AM. At Cal State University Long Beach

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Jasmine Brackett wrote 04/08/2016 at 00:41 point

Intro to HAM Radio. Tony Gasparovic, N6OM will be teaching this class.

Sat, April 30. 7 PM. At MAG Lab (Walnut, CA)

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Jasmine Brackett wrote 03/29/2016 at 21:15 point

CRASH THE PLANET: The First Ever CRASH Space Art Show

Sat, April 2. 8-11 PM. At CRASH space (Culver City).

[via CRASH space}

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Jasmine Brackett wrote 03/11/2016 at 20:37 point

Intro to Computer Science Study Group: NAND2Tetris Hardware & Software Course

Tues, March 15. 7-9 PM at Null Space Labs

[via @charliex]

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Jasmine Brackett wrote 03/09/2016 at 22:01 point

DTLA Artwalk

Thurs, March 10. 6-10pm

@Benchoff and I will be heading over around 6.30pm. PM me ahead of time if you'd like to meetup or get a ride from Pasadena. 

Map of the area

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Jasmine Brackett wrote 02/24/2016 at 23:45 point

SGVHAK meeting in SGV - family-friendly Saturday meeting where you can come find out more about our group, show off your new toys, work on your projects. If you want to learn about Arduino or raspberry pi, this is a great place to start.

Sat, Feb 27. 2-5:45 PM

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Jasmine Brackett wrote 02/19/2016 at 23:59 point

Something for the weekend: Help a hacker!

Sat Feb 20 at 23b Shop in Fullerton 8-11am

Pancake fundraiser. More info and here

[via 23b Shop who have five fine events on this weekend]

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Jasmine Brackett wrote 02/17/2016 at 19:47 point

Call for #Art: Crash The Planet ArtShow at Crash Space.

"The theme of the show, CRASH THE PLANET, is a CRASH Space spin on hacker culture and media interpretations thereof. Art pieces should incorporate the theme in some way, but extraordinary and outlandish interpretations of the theme (and of what exactly a 'CRASH Space spin' means) are welcome… encouraged, even."

Entries Due: March 19, 2016
Show Opening: April 2, 2016

More details:

[Via @mpinner and Crash Space]

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Jasmine Brackett wrote 02/12/2016 at 23:31 point

VR / GAMES - Kevin Cruz will give demonstrations and a special presentation on the newKodak PIXPRO SP360 4K camera. Plus SERGEY KUDRYAVTSEV & JEDIUM GAME STUDIO!

Sat, Feb 13. 2-5PM at the Creative Technology Center 604 Moulton Ave, Los Angeles 90031

[via @alusion]

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Jasmine Brackett wrote 02/05/2016 at 18:37 point

A Discussion Panel/Workshop with Artists/Techies on Dealing with Trolls Online

Friday 7pm (Tonight)

[via @Liz Krane/LearnToCodeLA -]

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Jasmine Brackett wrote 02/02/2016 at 01:17 point

SmartConnected USA Roadshow 2016 - Los Angeles


[via @ACROBOTIC Industries/MakerDen Meetup -]

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charliex wrote 01/28/2016 at 18:24 point

who's going to sparklecon at 23b this weekend?

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Jasmine Brackett wrote 01/28/2016 at 19:45 point

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ACROBOTIC Industries wrote 01/28/2016 at 16:44 point

Most def the best city for DIYers, Hackers, and Makers! 

What up LA?!

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