Mrs. Penny's Driving School

Despite the misleading title this is a monthly hardware design workshop that meets at the Dallas Makerspace.

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Ever wanted to make your own micro-controller development board? How about a custom designed bench power supply? Those are the sort of projects we are taking on at Mrs. Penny's Driving School. Hosted by Brandon Dunson and sponsored by Hackaday and the Dallas Makerspace.

This is an ongoing series of workshops held on Saturdays with food and drink supplied by and SupplyFrame.

Our learning goals as we work through each project:

1. Choosing components for a project.
2. Designing a circuit using one or more datasheets.
3. Use EAGLE EDA tool to capture a schematic.
4. Designing a custom PCB in EAGLE.
5. Sourcing components.
6. Ordering our custom PCBs from fab house.
7. Assembling our boards.
8. Testing and troubleshooting the end product.

This project is geared toward those individuals who have been interested in making their own hardware but for one reason or another haven't been able to make it happen. If this sounds like you we hope to see you at a workshop soon!

ms-excel - 1.54 kB - 04/19/2016 at 14:30


plain - 1.54 kB - 04/19/2016 at 14:30


sheet - 11.02 kB - 04/19/2016 at 14:30


Gerber files generated in eagle using SeeedStudio's getber generating cam file.

x-zip-compressed - 87.22 kB - 04/16/2016 at 22:19



Arduino Uno / Atmel 328 Pinout

Adobe Portable Document Format - 812.63 kB - 04/16/2016 at 22:16


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  • 1 × Atmel ATmega328P MCU the brains of our AVR dev-board
  • 1 × LM7805T 5V regulator
  • 1 × DS1307 Real Time Clock is for having a real time clocks
  • 1 × LM358 Amplifier and Linear ICs / Operational Amplifiers

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Ladvien wrote 05/31/2016 at 04:22 point

Hey Mr. Brandon, I "finished" the BLE uploader I was telling you about--I used your board as my test subject:




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