Pi Zero for the Van

Had to have a Pi Zero in the van! So for now this one displays visualisations via rca to my screen in the van!

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Previously had an original Pi in the van, got another Zero at the weekend so set it up for the van! The old one was setup for OSMC to display visualisations based on the incoming music over bluetooth, and then it streams it to the radio via the rca and headphone jack. However, the zero doesn't offer audio out of the box, so spent a few hours on Saturday after the Pi dropped through in the post, and got it running with OSMC, but it runs random visualisations for now, until I get more time to add bluetooth audio receive, and audio out! It all works, boots in 10 seconds or less, selects a random visualisation (for now), has a nice custom case I've put together, has a removable connector for the rca/composite, access to both the micro usb power and otg for USB. Overall I'm very happy for what I did in a few hours, took longer fiddling it into a case than anything else, but it boots quickly, works on the radio to keep the screen busy rather than blank!
  • 1 × Pi Zero
  • 1 × Custom rca cable
  • 1 × Custom case

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