• Who is Wesley Archer?

    10/06/2016 at 13:54 0 comments

    I’m Wesley Archer and I’m the creator of Raspberry Coulis – a site aimed at helping educate people in the ways of the Raspberry Pi! I decided to create this site because I found it tricky finding relevant, step-by-step guides for various Raspberry Pi projects – many guides out there either assume you have a working knowledge of Linux, electronics, soldering, DIY and much more and whilst this is great, I found many projects I wanted to try either had key points missing or simply did not exist!

    As you may have guessed, I am a bit obsessed with the fantastic Raspberry Pi – in fact at the time of posting, I currently own 11 Raspberry Pi’s in total, including 2 Raspberry Pi 3’s, 2 Pi Zero’s, 3 Raspberry Pi 2’s, 1 Model B+ and 3 Model B’s! Believe it not, I use all of them in some sort of project and I wanted to share my step-by-step build process on here!

    Those of you on Twitter, may have already seen a number of my guides being mentioned (via @raspberrycoulis) as well as being featured on some of the popular Raspberry Pi supplier sites – in fact, this all started after the guys over at Pi Supply offered me the chance to write a few step-by-step guides for their new Maker Zone, and as I had recently completed my very first major Raspberry Pi project – the Raspberry PiStation – I immediately began putting my tutorial writing skills into practice! My PiStation build was well received, and whilst it was not the first attempt at something of this nature, it was the first well documented guide and I know that I have helped others do the exact same thing!

    Digital Content

    Since then, I have created a number of guides and tutorials, all of which have been featured on Pi Supply’s Maker Zone, some of which being picked up by the likes of Adafruit, The Pi Hut and Life Hacker. I have even been featured in March 2016’s edition of the official Raspberry Pi magazine, The MagPi, which I am very proud of!

    I initially set up a site on WordPress – http://www.raspberrycoulis.wordpress.com – I coined‘Raspberry Coulis’ after trying to think of yet-another-Raspberry-Pi-themed-pun for a name, but I recently decided to purchase my own domain name and I am now in the process of moving my posts over, as well as creating new ones!

    Wesley Archer

    In terms of myself, I, Wesley Archer, am a geek at heart with a passion for technology and computing. I have built up my knowledge through trial and error (including many errors!), experimentation, asking (maybe pestering!) members of the Raspberry Pi community and learning myself. I live with my wife, Andrea, in Derby (she even puts up with me spending countless hours tinkering away with a Raspberry Pi or two) and enjoy helping others get to grips with the fantastic little computer taking the world by storm!

    If you don’t already, follow this blog, follow me on Twitter, check out the Raspberry Coulis Facebook Page, take a look at my Instagram account and even connect with me on LinkedIn! I’m open to ideas, collaboration and generally helping out where I can, so please feel free to drop me a line and say hello!