• Beach Hotels in Juhu - Sea Princess

    10/03/2015 at 09:13 0 comments

    Luxury is redefined at Hotel Sea Princess. Located very close to the Mumbai Airport, Hotel Sea Princess proves some of the best world class facilities. The cuisine is famous of Hotel Sea Princess and is served by a great hospitality team.

    Sea Princess Hotel Juhu provides the Best hotel package deals in Mumbai. The hotel’s design is very unique and the interiors for different meeting places are according to different themes. Come visit us for an enriching experience. The sunset view from the hotel is mesmerizing. Visit to see some of the loveliest scenic views of Juhu.

    Juhu Sea Princess provides Banquets for marriages and other special occasions. The Banquet is open sky and facing towards the sea (Juhu beach). You will see some of the most beautiful scenic views from Hotel Sea Princess. Also, the hotel provides one of the best wedding destinations in Mumbai with an open sea-facing banquet.

    So, if you are planning to visit Mumbai, undoubtedly you can visit Sea Princess Juhu for some of the best experiences. Hotel Sea Princess provides access to free Wi-Fi 24/7, a perfect accommodation and other facilities like lagoon, spa and open space banquets.

    Located next to Juhu beach the scenic view from the hotel is awesome. Visit Hotel Sea Princess to enjoy the true essence of a stay in Mumbai. The Hotel has special expert’s working in the hospitality sector to make sure that you get complete benefit of every service you ask for.