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Things I've Built

Buck-Boost Voltage Converter

with TPS63061.

Tiny Lego robot

Small Lego Robot with two hacked servo motors, DRV8835, Arduino pro mini and ultrasonic range finder. Powered by two AAA batteries.

Pixy Robot

Pixy cam + Arduino Uno. It's possible to teach in n object with a light color and let the robot recognize and follow this object.

AP2 - a robot on omni wheels.

I designed the controller board with two ATmega328 micro controller. One for ultrasonic and infreared range finders, for motor drivers (4x) and voltage & current monitoring. The second one for Arduino Shields. Communication via I2C.


A tini robot which follows objects by using a Dagu compound eye. Poll chassis, two servo motor for pan & tilt, Arduino pro mini, DRV8835 motor driver, powered by 4 NiMh rechargeable batteries.

Ultrasonic sound generator

Small ultrasonic sound generator based on ATtiny85. Two buttons for reset and sweep the preconfigured frequencies.


Autonomous robot with Arduino Duemilanove board, ultrasonic and infrared range finders, Maxon motors. My first robot :-)

I2C Keypad

Tiny i2c keypad with TCA8418.

Tiny Linux Board

A tiny Linux board with LPC3131 ARM processor, 256MB RAM and µSD-card.

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