Colin O'Flynn

Hardware Enthusiast who is frequently forced to write software.

Halifax, NS
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This user joined on 04/29/2014.

Things I've Built

DimeCompass (2011)

Small compass module with 3-axis accelerometer for compensation. Shortly after I built this a number of lower-cost chips came to market with everything integrated, making it somewhat moot.

GPS Locked Frequency Standard (2007)

Uses a unique one-PCB design, where an ovenized crystal is made via a box mounted around a portion of the main PCB.

Eagle in a Rack (2004)

FPGA-based video tracker.

Robot Platform (2003)

Fancy robot. It was designed to be a development platform for artificial intelligence technology. It had a modular board setup where all boards plugged into a backplane, which allowed boards to be swapped around.

Fan Flow Failure Detector (2003)

Monitors for fan failure by detecting air-flow stoppage. Uses a NTC thermistor's self-heating effects to determine airflow. Super-cheap.

Autonomous Hovercraft (2002)

The goal of this project was to discover if it was possible to use artificial intelligence to control a hovercraft autonomously. One of my earliest projects.

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antennas wrote 08/20/2014 at 14:22 point
Colin can I email you with a question about reverse engineering a security device? I have a few questions and it seems you are the perfect person to help. Are you in Nova Scotia?

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Colin O'Flynn wrote 10/18/2014 at 15:26 point
I only just saw this now sorry - I guess the notification doesn't get emailed to me... anyway it's coflynn AT newae . com , and I am in NS!

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