• fLoRa - IoT for all..

    08/05/2015 at 05:03 0 comments

    We are working to build a wireless sensor network platform that can be used by farmers and those in remote communities for condition monitoring.

    The wireless nodes use Semtech's SX1278 chipset for data communications over unlicensed ISM band at 433MHz. The wireless nodes are controlled by an Arduino Pro Micro AT32Mega. The wireless nodes can be configured for sensor input (temperature, moisture, solenoid etc. etc.) that is relayed to a base station and logged using IoT industry standard MQTT protocol.

    If an internet connection is available the data can be analysed through an IoT framework or on a local PC or smart phone with a free app that is included.

    The software and hardware design open source, all hardware schematics and firmware is available on this project site.

    Other features that make this project interesting are that a pair of devices will be able to be purchased and installed for under $100 AUD. Shipping of the devices will be by standard post $0.70 Australia wide. No computer skills will be need to configured the devices - this can be done using mechanical switches.

    We are working to develop this project for the 2015 HACKADAY PRIZE, please check out our page.