Matthew Borgatti

I'm a movie animatronics engineer turned soft robotics hacker. I'm trying to make medical robots cheap, simple, and open.

Brooklyn, NY
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This user joined on 08/12/2015.

Things I've Built

Hackerspace Passports

Mitch Altman asked if I could help him execute an idea he'd been mulling over for years: turning visiting a new hackerspace into a game, rather than an opportunity for crippling social anxiety. I made the layout, graphics, and illustrations.

Sols Adaptiv

Sols, the 3d printed insole company, brought me in to help them develop a prototype soft robot shoe. The concept is to have the shoe change shape and stiffness dynamically with your activity providing ideal support and rebound.

The Glaucus

An open source soft robotic quadruped. It's one solid silicone cast, with interior channels that distort with pressure created using a lost wax process. It walks, using four legs to crawl like a Glaucus Atlanticus, using only two inputs.

The Anywhere Organ

A giant mobile pipe organ built from scrapped church organ pipes. The design was laser cut from 3/4" plywood and controlled via MIDI. It premiered at Figment NYC, won an Editor's Pick award at Maker Faire, and played alongside Amanda Palmer.

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