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Things I've Built


It is a robotic dolly for automated camera dolly scenes. This is a sort of failed project because the lack of dampeners, but the tag detection to easily control the motion is a nice feature. On my channel on YT I've posted a video.

Pressure Piano

This is still an ongoing work, despite it started 5 years ago :/ Unlike typical keyboards this does not work with velocity but with pressure. May be I'll open a project when I'll be ready to finish this work.

Intervalometer and dolly control for camera

This is a combo intervalometer (for timelapse), light detector/external src detector for light or sound triggered shots, and control an external motorized dolly in sync with the intervals or manual shots, useful for dolly scenes in stop motion.

Stereo mic for camera

This is an other microphone, this one is stereo and meant to sit on the camera's flash shoe.

DIY Lavalier Microphone

Lavalier microphone and transmitter hacking an audio-video (TV) sender for good quality audio recording while filming with my Canon 60D. The photo only shows the mic.

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