Independent Scientist - education in Computer Engineering, Computer Networking, and Computer Information Systems.

Iowa City
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This user joined on 04/24/2023.

Things I've Built

Magnetic Superpostion Visualization

This experiment shows how magnetic interactions can be chained together. Associated Video:

Cell Phone Radiation in dead zone.

This experiment used a Geiger Counter to show significantly increased radiation from a cellphone - in a dead zone between cell towers. Associated Video:

Galaxy formation visualization.

This experiment was meant to simulate how 2 streams of dusty plasma could potentially form a galaxy shape.

Plasma Magnus Effect Simulation

This experiment was meant to simulate the wobble of a star created by it's planets. Associated video:

AM electrolysis of water

Used an interleaved tesla coil (patent 512,340) to electrolyze water into H2 & O2. Associated video:

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