Kevin Kadooka

I build cameras.

Portland, Oregon
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Things I've Built

Duo - a DIY TLR for instant film

A twin-lens-reflex camera for use with FP100C/FP3000B instant film. I Kickstarted this one.

Laika - a 3D printed superwide 6x9 camera

A 3D-printed superwide camera using a Mamiya-Sekor 50mm f/6.3 lens. Looks and feels glorious, but there are some light leak issues I haven't sorted out quite yet.

Lux - an open source 6x6 camera

A 3D-printed box camera that's completely open source. Nothing gutted from existing cameras, parts easily purchased from Anchor Optics, McMaster.

TSL2561 Exposure Meter

The first light meter I made, using a TSL2561 and a laser-cut acrylic enclosure, and an OLED display. Works pretty well.

TSL2591 Exposure Meter

A neat little light meter I made for my meterless film cameras. Uses the TSL2591 I2C light-to-frequency converter, and has a huge dynamic range (0.01 ~ 120000lx). Still need to make a cute little enclosure for it!

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