28.3k 366 20 164
Zip around on your own custom deck at lightning speeds. Never miss class again.
Project Owner Contributor

EV Commuter Longboard


34.7k 256 1 121
Converting a 1993 Honda Del Sol to electric using the guts of an electric forklift
Project Owner Contributor

Electric Car Conversion

James Hobson

23.5k 491 16 94
The Arduino ECU / EMS Project. Open, cheap, hacker friendly engine management
Project Owner Contributor


Josh Stewart

67.3k 178 28 90
Controlling a VW CAN BUS dashboard of a Polo 6R with an Arduino and a CAN BUS shield using the Telemetry API of Euro Truck Simulator 2
Project Owner Contributor

Volkswagen CAN BUS Gaming

Leon Bataille

36.2k 198 24 84
Converting a car to electric drive using recycled and salvaged EV and hybrid components.
65.4k 285 6 70
Car computer using Android Tablet as interface and Raspberry Pi as backend (with some Arduinos and Teensies thrown in for good measure)
10.9k 516 4 56
How to hack your car!
5.7k 51 34 37
This project focuses on ecological sustainability and social responsibility through reuse. Increasing lifecycle efficiency, decreasing cost.
7.8k 84 1 36
An Electric Dune Buggy Capable of Scary Amounts of Torque
Project Owner Contributor

The Flux Buggy

James Hobson

9.8k 957 6 35
Turning a 1978 Datsun/Nissan 280z into a future car. Inspired by Night Rider
Project Owner Contributor

N.I.T.E (Nissan Industries Two Eighty)


20.9k 41 12 34
The Scrapyard and Arduino make a great combination!
6.5k 337 10 33
A bluetooth 4.0 device to open and close the doors, trunk and start the car.
Project Owner Contributor



3.9k 56 6 21
F-1 Electric Race Car
Project Owner Contributor

FSAE 2014 Electric Race Car

Richard Johnson

17.6k 178 7 20
Embedded (Arduino) based car computer digital dashboard project for OBD-I Honda Civic.
Project Owner Contributor

Embedded Digital Dashboard

CJ Rose

4.1k 47 10 18
A light, open-source combustion engine controller using Arduino
Project Owner Contributor


Mike Thielvoldt

2.8k 80 2 17
A lawn mower built into an electric wheelchair, controlled via camera and PS2 game controller. Mow more for higher score!
Project Owner Contributor

LawnBot 5000 - The Robot Mover


6.4k 20 13 16
Building an electric scooter with some real power.
Project Owner Contributor

The Razor E300 Overvolt!


2.1k 23 1 15
An electric motorcycle designed around stringent requirements of weight, power and durability for use in deep woods rescue missions.
Project Owner Contributor

The ERB (Electric Rescue Bike)

Adam Curtis

3.7k 51 7 15
Project Owner Contributor

Animated Turn Signals

Tyler Anderson

5.2k 40 6 9
In this project I'm building a digital tachometer for 90's Hondas.
Project Owner Contributor

Honda OBD1 Digital Tachometer


1.7k 24 2 6
Just electric is bad. And gasoline is not that good for the envoirement. Combining them makes a toy for the 21th century.
Project Owner Contributor

The hybrid Jetski pump


3.8k 25 6 6
Charge two electric vehicles at once
Project Owner Contributor

J1772 Hydra

Nick Sayer