39k 527 16 115
An LED display showing visualizations and rendering data from a variety of TCP sources over the Open Pixel Control protocol
Project Owner Contributor


Ben Delarre

36k 637 36 62
512 LEDs driven by an Arduino via eight shift-registers and eight MOSFETs
Project Owner Contributor

8x8x8 Blue LED Cube

Hari Wiguna

8.6k 104 7 51
RGB LED Staff, Massive light output. Portable Rave
Project Owner Contributor

Light Staff


6.1k 77 34 38
Let's use some rotary to linear movements to display things in 3D. I have no idea if this will work, but hey, I'm gonna try it anyways...
6.1k 485 6 37
Led Panel of ws2812b led's driven by a esp8266. With lithium battery's to make it portable, and an android app to keep it controlled
Project Owner Contributor

Led Shirt - ESP8266 - WS2812B

Willem Wouters

9.7k 737 25 30
20x10 WS2812 LEDs driven by Raspberry Pi/Arduino to play games like Tetris in the living room
2.9k 435 5 28
The Pixel Drop Ceiling is a Bluetooth, Arduino powered, Computer controlled, RGB, Drop Ceiling
Project Owner Contributor

The Pixel Drop Ceiling


3.4k 336 8 26
A portable shield that can be used in various scenarios where one of them is subversive rebellion on the streets.
Project Owner Contributor



6.9k 63 10 21
An infinity mirror LED matrix window.
Project Owner Contributor



2.6k 503 1 15
Arduino library for driving hundreds to thousands of WS2811, WS2812 or INK1002 addressable RGB LEDs.
Project Owner Contributor

OctoWS2811 LED Library

Paul Stoffregen

12.5k 16 5 13
Because we all love blinking LEDs.
Project Owner Contributor



2.2k 1.1k 1 12
An Arduino based audio spectrum visualizer using MSGEQ7 ICs and displayed on Bi-color LED Matrix displays
1.2k 440 0 8
Got fed up of having to look up the datasheet and code examples when using a matrix with an arduino...
Project Owner Contributor

LED Matrix Shield and library


682 647 3 8
Control per-pole LED lighting in a grand space
Project Owner Contributor

Wide Area Light Grid


1.1k 176 1 7
Creating a new display controller for a Fairplay scoreboard LED matrix
Project Owner Contributor

LED Matrix Fairplay hack


946 459 0 5
displaying Conway's Game of Life on a ht1632c-based 32x8 LED matrix using an AVR ATtiny26 mcu
Project Owner Contributor



808 338 0 4
This is a hand-held Arduino based Tetris game built using the Bi-color LED Matrix Driver Module Kit from jolliFactory
398 28 0 4
Project Owner Contributor

ShiftMatrixPWM Test Board

Paul Stoffregen

842 22 0 4
This is my take on the classic toy "Tamagotchi". It's an desktop gadget with all of the basic function of the real toy.
Project Owner Contributor

Desktop Tamagotchi


644 259 0 3
This device controls strings of Curilights, colorful animated strings of LEDs. It's easy to use and aware of its environment.
Project Owner Contributor

The Curilights Controller

J. Peterson

280 214 1 2
TMO is a Teensy 2.0 based handheld game console.
665 727 1 2
A toy that activates when moved and displays pretty LED patterns. Guaranteed to entertain any child for at least 5 seconds.
Project Owner Contributor

Flashing LED Toy

Stefan Kratz