37.8k 475 16 114
An LED display showing visualizations and rendering data from a variety of TCP sources over the Open Pixel Control protocol
Project Owner Contributor


Ben Delarre

31.4k 555 36 60
512 LEDs driven by an Arduino via eight shift-registers and eight MOSFETs
Project Owner Contributor

8x8x8 Blue LED Cube

Hari Wiguna

8.1k 102 7 50
RGB LED Staff, Massive light output. Portable Rave
Project Owner Contributor

Light Staff


5.7k 77 34 38
Let's use some rotary to linear movements to display things in 3D. I have no idea if this will work, but hey, I'm gonna try it anyways...
2.7k 365 5 28
The Pixel Drop Ceiling is a Bluetooth, Arduino powered, Computer controlled, RGB, Drop Ceiling
Project Owner Contributor

The Pixel Drop Ceiling


3.3k 335 8 26
A portable shield that can be used in various scenarios where one of them is subversive rebellion on the streets.
Project Owner Contributor



5.2k 386 6 26
Led Panel of ws2812b led's driven by a esp8266. With lithium battery's to make it portable, and an android app to keep it controlled
Project Owner Contributor

Led Shirt - ESP8266 - WS2812B

Willem Wouters

6.7k 567 17 22
20x10 WS2812 LEDs driven by Raspberry Pi/Arduino to play games like Tetris in the living room
6.4k 58 10 17
An infinity mirror LED matrix window.
Project Owner Contributor



2.2k 420 1 14
Arduino library for driving hundreds to thousands of WS2811, WS2812 or INK1002 addressable RGB LEDs.
Project Owner Contributor

OctoWS2811 LED Library

Paul Stoffregen

6.7k 16 5 13
Because we all love blinking LEDs.
Project Owner Contributor



1.9k 969 1 11
An Arduino based audio spectrum visualizer using MSGEQ7 ICs and displayed on Bi-color LED Matrix displays
600 563 3 8
Control per-pole LED lighting in a grand space
Project Owner Contributor

Wide Area Light Grid


926 175 1 7
Creating a new display controller for a Fairplay scoreboard LED matrix
Project Owner Contributor

LED Matrix Fairplay hack


1k 402 0 6
Got fed up of having to look up the datasheet and code examples when using a matrix with an arduino...
Project Owner Contributor

LED Matrix Shield and library


806 360 0 5
displaying Conway's Game of Life on a ht1632c-based 32x8 LED matrix using an AVR ATtiny26 mcu
Project Owner Contributor



366 28 0 4
Project Owner Contributor

ShiftMatrixPWM Test Board

Paul Stoffregen

695 22 0 4
This is my take on the classic toy "Tamagotchi". It's an desktop gadget with all of the basic function of the real toy.
Project Owner Contributor

Desktop Tamagotchi


669 338 0 4
This is a hand-held Arduino based Tetris game built using the Bi-color LED Matrix Driver Module Kit from jolliFactory
568 259 0 3
This device controls strings of Curilights, colorful animated strings of LEDs. It's easy to use and aware of its environment.
Project Owner Contributor

The Curilights Controller

J. Peterson

623 635 1 2
A toy that activates when moved and displays pretty LED patterns. Guaranteed to entertain any child for at least 5 seconds.
Project Owner Contributor

Flashing LED Toy

Stefan Kratz

242 214 1 2
TMO is a Teensy 2.0 based handheld game console.