35.9k 534 23 244
A BT 4.0 fitness-tracking smart watch for Android+iOS with a 1.5" color OLED display, SD card, NFC, wireless charging, and precision IMU
84.7k 1.7k 143 171
This project is a fancy Clock and weather display built around a monitor and a Raspberry Pi.
16.5k 777 9 104
Minimalist desk clock based around Russian Nixie tubes.
Project Owner Contributor

Obsolete Time


12k 723 8 76
The OwnWatch is a Arduino compatible smartwatch which is soft- and hardware expandable and not much bigger than a common brand smartwatch
Project Owner Contributor


Moritz Wenzel

13.1k 528 12 56
An RGB LED clock
Project Owner Contributor

Iris Clock

Warren Janssens

25.9k 151 18 53
A DIY GPS disciplined 10 MHz reference clock
Project Owner Contributor

GPS Disciplined xCXO

Nick Sayer

7.8k 265 1 50
An alarm clock that provides dawn simulation using your rooms existing lighting
Project Owner Contributor

Integrated Room Sunrise Simulator


10.4k 1.3k 7 43
An LED clock using the adafruit 1/4 sections to make a 60 LED ring. Although not a new concept, it should be expandable to other variations.
Project Owner Contributor

Stargate LED Clock

David Hopkins

4.5k 789 6 39
A very basic yet expandable smart watch based upon Adafruit's 5v Pro Trinket board
Project Owner Contributor

Arduino Smart Watch

Austin Marandos

13.4k 510 2 39
Back To The Future Time Circuit Clock with clock, alarm and FM radio receiver.
4.7k 299 10 36
robotic writing clock
Project Owner Contributor

doodle clock #2

ekaggrat singh kalsi

5.1k 86 5 34
A persistence of vision planetary map, showing the angular positions of the 8 major celestial bodies
Project Owner Contributor


Dev Joshi

11.3k 355 3 33
A replacement controller for Lavet stepper clock movements
Project Owner Contributor

Crazy Clock

Nick Sayer

3.4k 661 4 32
We created a real-life version of the awesome world clock
Project Owner Contributor

xkcd world clock


9.6k 378 3 27
simple 3d printed stepper motor clock
Project Owner Contributor

Holo clock

ekaggrat singh kalsi

4.7k 730 17 27
A digital 24 hour clock using only relays and diodes for the counting logic.
Project Owner Contributor

Relay Logic Clock

Dave Gönner

7.3k 72 10 26
Modular nixie display board based on the soviet Russian IN-12A cold-cathode tubes.
Project Owner Contributor

Modular Nixie Display


2.1k 64 4 24
A tilt and touch activated wristwatch using a "retro" style bubble 7 segment display.
Project Owner Contributor

Tilt Touch Time


2.8k 266 11 19
I forgot to build something for the Bay Area Maker Faire Bring A Hack event. I started this on April 7th. The Faire is May 16th.
Project Owner Contributor

Gummi Worm Clock


3.1k 66 7 17
A unique way to display time. Designed to be easily readable. Just count the colored dots!
Project Owner Contributor

Linear RGB LED Clock


1.8k 386 0 16
A word clock with 3D printed LED light wells, custom PCB, and PIC controller.
Project Owner Contributor

Word Clock


5.8k 1.1k 1 15
Clock build from IV-18 VFD tube and Arduino
Project Owner Contributor

IV-18 Arduino Clock

Will Whang

1.1k 337 3 13
A special Clock witch is build with 22 Servos instead of LEDs at a 7-segment display.
Project Owner Contributor

Servo Clock


3.4k 293 1 13
Network connected touchscreen LED matrix alarm clock
Project Owner Contributor

Touchscreen Alarm Clock

Craig Bonsignore

2.9k 1.5k 7 11
as I work with people all over the globe, I need a simple way to tell their local time without hanging lots of clocks on my wall
Project Owner Contributor clock in hardware


1.4k 519 13 11
ArduPiSHIELD - universal IoT shield for Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno, Nano, Mini, Pro Mini, Micro, Leonardo and many other boards
2.8k 501 0 9
A new kind of electromechanical clock
Project Owner Contributor

Bendulum Clock

Dave Ehnebuske

1.7k 381 0 9
A program was created to display a digital clock in a KIM Uno. #IStandWithAhmed
Project Owner Contributor

KIM Uno Digital Clock

Arduino Enigma

1k 107 0 8
An arduino and LCD display time in seconds using an optimized QR library by @ch00ftech and an optimized LCD library by @xark
Project Owner Contributor

Enigma QR Clock

Arduino Enigma

704 94 0 7
A nerdy clock with LED’s including an ATmega328P, a RTC and everyone’s favorite WiFi-Chip.
Project Owner Contributor



2.2k 739 3 6
RGB LED array based bedside clock with auto-brightness. Future features include auto-sync time and WiFi connectivity.
Project Owner Contributor

Neopixel Bedroom Clock

David Hopkins

820 232 6 6
I gave a car's RPM gauge new life as a clock. The needle sweeps out the seconds from 0 to 60 RPM.
Project Owner Contributor

Clock From Car Tachometer

Matthew Gingerich