62.5k 1.4k 85 341
Spartan 6 FPGA Shield includes SPI Configuration Flash, Breakout Headers, SRAM, programmable from Arduino or SPI Programmer
35.1k 413 34 192
DIY System on Chip based on FPGA, priced below 5 USD
Project Owner Contributor


Antti Lukats

26k 177 4 86
This is a small FPGA development board that I am currently designing. Lots of I/O connectivities: HDD,Ethernet,USB,Audio,PS/2,VGA,BLVDS, 5V tolerant
Project Owner Contributor

FPGA Computer/Eval board

K.C. Lee

17.6k 130 9 81
The CAT Board is part of a Raspberry Pi-based hand-held FPGA programming system.
Project Owner Contributor

CAT Board

Dave Vandenbout

16.3k 131 36 79
DIPFORTy1 "Soft-Propeller" Zynq-7, Dual CortexA9+ FPGA DIP40 Parallax Propeller I compatibles footprint
Project Owner Contributor

Soft Propeller

Antti Lukats

6.2k 188 6 72
Cornell ECE 5760 teaches FPGA design for DSP, video, and embedded control. Emphasis on parallel computing.
Project Owner Contributor

Teaching FPGA parallel computing

Bruce Land

8.5k 191 12 55
Open fpga image processing
Project Owner Contributor

FPGA Vision


7.9k 105 24 50
CPLD-flavored VGA Video card
Project Owner Contributor



4.5k 1.2k 0 40
ARM. FPGA. 154 reconfigurable I/O. Wi-Fi. Bluetooth. BLE. $65.
Project Owner Contributor



5.8k 191 24 38
A computer invented, designed and built from scratch.
Project Owner Contributor

A2Z Computer


3.9k 48 18 33
6.3k 104 0 30
This FPGA based tracking system can detect objects in a video stream, it also is able to detect faces/bodies/colours/floors etcetc.
Project Owner Contributor

FPGA OpenCV Object Tracking


6.1k 289 6 24
RggBer is a FPGA based complete development kit dedicated to embedded vision
3.2k 36 1 21
Porting the classic Doom engine to an FPGA-based system
Project Owner Contributor


Matt Stock

2.7k 516 0 19
Hardware and software to simplify FPGA development and interaction.
Project Owner Contributor

Nysa: FPGA Development Environment


867 14 14 19
A flexible, simple, yet powerful FPGA development board.
Project Owner Contributor

Spartan Mini

Jon Thomasson

3.8k 68 6 19
FPGA shield board with XC3S50A/XC3S200A FPGA, 2 232/485 ports, 32Mb Flash, 4kb FRAM, 128kB SRAM, 12 Arduino UNO connections.
Project Owner Contributor


Michael A. Morris

1.7k 19 5 16
A custom 32-bit CPU core with GCC toolchain
Project Owner Contributor

Bexkat1 CPU

Matt Stock

6.8k 64 5 16
A (relatively) cheap little board for experimenting with HDMI using a Spartan-6 FPGA
8k 58 4 15
My first FPGA project using Technolomaniac's board
Project Owner Contributor

Spartan-6 FPGA Hello World

Mike Szczys

1.7k 337 1 12
An open platform for recording, routing, and manipulating HDMI and DisplayPort video signals.
2k 107 6 10
This is a PCB design I did to test Altium Designer's capabilities. I haven't tested it so I thought I could share the design.
Project Owner Contributor

FPGA Cyclone IV Dev Board

Jose Pinilla

1.2k 32 1 10
A breakout board to connect the iPod Nano gen6 LCD to an FPGA
Project Owner Contributor

iPod Nano gen6 LCD Breakout


557 397 0 9
SpinalHDL is an alternative hardware description language designed to provide many features that are missing in VHDL and in Verilog.
Project Owner Contributor



1.4k 41 0 8
FPGA raytracer for realtime raytracing
Project Owner Contributor

Fray Trace