97k 1.6k 37 569
SatNOGS is an open source ground station and network, optimized for modularity, built using affordable tools and resources.
16.7k 725 11 85
Internet Connected Aerial Renewable Unmanned System Fully 3D printed
8.6k 471 7 43
A system that enables multirotors to dock and self recharge which allows them to perform longer autonomous missions
10.1k 47 1 14
I posting this to give a feel for the Odroid U3. There is a forum but not a lot of documentation out there.
9.5k 64 3 12
LCD with HDMI adapter and capacitive touchscreen
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HDMI touchscreen


2.1k 49 3 10
The algorithm aids localization and navigation of robots with a LiDAR sensor by generating a pixel map and matching it with a known map.
3k 23 8 9
An Odroid C1 powered, Linux based, (somewhat) open source, fully featured tablet.
1.6k 43 1 8
This is version 4 of LOKI. LOKI is a pentesting payload piggybacked on a 3D printed Drone with machine vision.
1.3k 30 10 6
Cute Retrofuturistic OmNibot hoUsed aSsociate
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3.9k 13 0 5
DIY media center (running OpenELEC)
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Odroid-U2 HTPC