LOKI 4G (Locate Observe Krack Isolate) 4th Gen

This is version 4 of LOKI. LOKI is a pentesting payload piggybacked on a 3D printed Drone with machine vision.

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Update 8/26/15: I have been working on several project simultaneously. This helps with my Hackaday Prize Solar Drone by testing systems on multiple platforms. I am updating pictures and project logs currently.

We are getting near the end of prototyping of our second generation quad drone called LOKI. While it is capable of many things, search and rescue are one of the more benign activities that LOKI is capable of performing. I will give a brief overview of the hardware and then we will talk about scenarios that have been tested and things we believe we have not achieved yet with this drone tech


3D printed Airframe and basic hardware:

Spyda DJI Arm compatible 3mm Solid Slotted Body Plates (2)

Spyda DJI body

Spyda Custom DJI arms with integrated landing gear holder.

Custom clear feet for landing gear

Custom Battery Holder

Custom Ubiquiti Bracket

Custom Antenna Holder

Custom Odroid 3 standoffs

Custom AUAV X2 Mount

Custom Spectrum Landing Gear Mount.

Custom Mobius Gimbal

*insert link for LOKI build

10mm x 4.5 inch carbon fiber tube

M3 x 10mm hex screws

LOKI Electronics

AUAV X2 autipilot

NEO 6H GPS Compass Module

Odroid U3

Ubiquiti Pico Loco M5 stripped and modified

Alfa AWUS036H

Power Distribution Board


Buck/Boost Module

POE injection Module

3s 5000 mah battery single or double

Spektrum Satellite Receiver

20 amp esc (4)

2213 920KV motor (4)

Gimbal Electronics

Alexmos 2 axis BGC

2206 80T 140KV gimbal motor

2212 80T hollow shaft gimbal motor

Mobius Webcam

LOKI Software

ArduCopter firmware



Kali Linux


Various python packages


Ground Control Hardware

JR9303 with Spektrum Module

Odroid XU3

10 inch Lumineer FPV display

3D printed display bracket

Server Hardware

Odroid XU3 (7)

  • LOKI 4G Overview

    tlankford0108/26/2015 at 06:24 0 comments

    LOKI 4G

    Locate, Observe, Krack, Isolate

    • 500-900mm Wheelbase
    • 25 minute to +1 hour flight time
    • 640 Thermal Sensor with 160° viewing angle
    • 10X Zoom 1080 HD Camera
    • 1 mile HD Video and Digital Control Link
    • Advanced Ground Station Compatible
    • Integrated Vibration Isolation
    • Embedded Advanced Robotics Computer

    Industry Use:

    • Radiation Detection (optional)
    • High Grade Survey (optional)
    • Agriculture Monitoring
    • Solar and Wind Inspection
    • Flare Stack Environmental Testing (optional)
    • Cinema and Photography with 3 axis gimbal (optional)
    • Search and Rescue
    • Livestock Population Survey and Monitoring
    • Hunting Stock Census

    Military/ Intelligence Use:

    • Ship Inspection
    • Squad Level Real Time Situational Awareness
    • UTM Guidance Compatible
    • Advanced Signal Capture (optional)
    • Day/ Night Operations Capable
    • Intuitive Lightweight GroundControl

    • Multitude of Color Patterns
    • Parachute Fall Arrest
    • Quick Adjust COG for Fast Payload Swap
    • Compact Folding Storage

    Advanced Design Techniques

    Designed, Manufactured and Assembled with 100% Renewable Energy

    Manufactured and Assembled in the USA

    Custom Electronics Design and Placement

    **All Photos, Rendering and Designs are wholly owned and produced by Aerial Vista and its parent company The Lankford Group. Any use without the express consent or license of the above named entities is strictly prohibited

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