3.1k 111 8 120
Super Simple IoT Button. Easy to build and easy to program
Project Owner Contributor

A.I.B (Another IoT Button)

Hendra Kusumah

2.3k 136 12 111
A project for the people suffering from tremor,this device can be used to analyze the tremor frequency and stabilize it by using a gyroscope
3.8k 115 7 36
Get your essential appliances off the grid with just one solar panel
Project Owner Contributor

One Fridge off the Grid

Markus Loeffler

12.7k 78 3 36
Particle Photon electricity meter pulse counter and Nextion display driver
3k 894 4 13
The PhotonHome is the next step in bringing the Photon environment to AC powered applications
Project Owner Contributor

PhotonHome - AC Power IoT Homebase


331 12 0 10
This project was designed to help high school students study and monitor their air quality.
596 21 2 9
LED map showing temperature and rainfall for 100 points in the US
Project Owner Contributor

Weather Map

Dan Fein

2k 63 1 9
I'm challenging myself to be healthier and inventing a device to remind and encourage me to achieve my goals!
1.8k 11 6 6
An addressable LED strip animation -- spooky eyes appear, blink, and fade away. Why are they watching us? We may never know...
Project Owner Contributor

Halloween Blinky Eyes


1.1k 457 1 4
A Homemade LED Grow light and hydroponic system connected to a Spark Core for web control and monitoring.
640 28 0 3
Connecting a Spark Core, RGB LED Strip, and a website so you can interact with your LED strip from anywhere with an internet connection!
600 8 0 3
A simple Non-Invasive Smart Electricity Meter using Spark Core
496 8 0 2
A Spark Core project to control LIFX bulb using an intermediate Node.js server. You can turn on/off, set color or blink the LIFX bulb.
244 6 0 2
How to communicate with your Spark (Particle) core with voice commands
682 163 1 2
A door monitor that goes one step further and shows toddlers when it is time to sleep or time to get up.
163 2 0 1
Making your toys Bluetooth without the hassle.
Project Owner Contributor

I/O Toys

Mission Control Lab