Design, interaction, stories, exploration. Applied creativity where there seems an impasse, the same as invention from naught.

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Things I've Built


Power search tool, short hand filters for multi-keys, negation keys, match position, variable, function, ..., search space, segmentation, sort, length, frequency, ... Apropos for power users.

Roget search tool

SW tool to help find nearby and associated/connected material, rather than conventional keyword look-up.

Wireline signal hack box.

Pocket box, duodial potentiometers, battery, crocks & pins. Pocket hack to bridge small data stream fail, and use in calibration when remote from Onans or mains. Ultra easy, but so useful to help folks not get side tracked.

Goggle wipers

Old Landrover windscreen wiper motor, mutilated Mechano pivots and linkage, hand carved rubber wiper blades. Motorcycle helmet mount, blades applied to WW2 pilot goggles. All analogue and recycled. Worked well in evil weather, but heavy.

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